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Lizzie Savage, Managing Editor

Lizzie is a college freshman with a passion for art, and more ideas than she knows what to do with. She takes her love of coffee and Matt Nathanson very seriously. When she isn’t at a concert, you can usually find her wandering around the Twin Cities, or daydreaming about wandering around other places. You can find her documenting her adventures on twitter and instagram.

Hana Simons, Art Director

Hana is an avid listener of hardcore and pop-punk (the best of both worlds). Her favorite bands are: Conveyer, Backtrack, Terror, Letlive, The Story So Far, Bring Me The Horizon, Of Mice & Men, Marmozets, and too many more to name. She has an undeniable love of concerts, photography, band merch, cats, and writing. She also rolls some kickass burritos at Chipotle

EJ Coleman, Senior Staff Writer

EJ is a cat enthusiast and self-proclaimed indie rock connoisseur. Currently they are on a quest to consume every piece of media ever made, starting with what’s next in their Netflix queue, and buying more books than they should. When they aren’t listening to Keaton Henson or 50’s jazz and daydreaming about possible parallel universes, you can find them writing bad poetry on trains or tweeting good song lyrics on Twitter.

Sarah Bel Kloetzke, Senior Staff Writer/Social Media Manager

Sarah Bel is a highly caffeinated high school senior who enjoys going to more shows than necessary, drinking more coffee than necessary, and getting really excited about dogs. Some of her current favorite acts are Beach House, My Chemical Romance, Death Cab For Cutie, and The Brobecks. She is also a big fan of second-hand fashion, travel, photobooths, the paranormal, and being a bard. You can find her on instagram @kloetzke.

Maddy Siiter, Senior Staff Writer

Maddy Siiter is mom-jean wearing high school senior who enjoys listening to sad songs and drinking tea. Her other interests include: indie-rock, songwriting, the Minneapolis skyline and golden doodles. Her favorite acts currently are Angel Olson, Mothers and The Vaccines. You can follow her on Twitter at @maddy_siiter and Instagram at @maddysiiter

Desney, Senior Staff Writer

I aspire to be a music journalist because of this freedom that music gives me; when I listen to it, see it performed and when I am writing about it. I am not an artist, however, but somehow it sets my soul free.

“Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose/ Nothin’, don’t mean nothin’ hon’ if it ain’t free, no no/ And, feelin’ good was easy, Lord, when he sang the blues/ You know, feelin’ good was good enough for me” -Janis Joplin

Josie, Staff Writer

Josie is a high school freshman. She spends too much time jamming out to music, jumping from music store to music store in search of a unique find, telling terrible jokes, and of course eating pizza.

Jessi, Staff Photographer

Jessi is a sophomore in high school who spends too much time rewatching Friends and eating fruit snacks. She enjoys concerts more than just about anything, and is a theater and choir enthusiast. You can follow her on instagram @jessifizzy.

Jacob, Staff Photographer

Jacob is a high school senior who has a passion for photography, the outdoors, and music. He is a Lifeguard in the summer and now also works for The Garage. Next year, he is hoping to attend the Great Lakes Maritime Academy as a Marine Engineering Officer major.

Liah Taylor, Staff Photographer

coming soon

Bethany Schreiner, Staff Photographer

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John McBride, Staff Photographer

John is a high school senior who has a passion for all types of music, and taking pictures of everything. He posts a majority of his pictures on his VSCO and his two Instagram accounts @johndoes_pics and @johndoes_pics2

Recent Contributors

Cassie, Regular Contributor: Cassie is a senior in high school with a huge passion for music. Some of her favorite bands are Children 18:3, Memphis May Fire, Family Force 5, and Disciple. Cassie plays multiple instruments including bass guitar, piano, and ukulele. She loves discovering new bands and learning more about them.

Genna Skouge, Staff Photographer: Genna is pronounced like “Jenna” but with a “G.” Don’t spell it wrong. She’s been a consistent photographer at THE GARAGE for almost 4 years. She fell in love with music photography because the first time she attended a show at THE GARAGE she saw Kasey Noll taking photos. She saw how much fun Kasey was having and it quickly turned into her own passion. And since then Genna has turned into a beautiful little photografly that cannot get enough of what she loves to do.

Jordan Narloch, Senior Staff Writer, is a student at St. John’s University. Whether it’s writing, struggling to learn the Death Cab For Cutie catalogue (or really anything) on guitar, or going to live shows, nothing beats being involved with the alternative music scene in his mind.

Ryan Johnson, Staff Photographer: Ryan is a student at St. Catherine University studying ASL interpretation & Photography. When not studying or shooting shows at The Garage, she can be found working backstage at The Frey Theater or obsessing over pigs & avocados.

Sara Dollens, Staff Photographer: Sara is an online student through Full Sail University where she is working towards a degree in Media Communications. She is an aspiring music journalist and photographer and hopes to one day work for Alternative Press Magazine. Check out her work at

Sararosa Davies, Managing Editor, is a soon-to-be college student. She is currently is in love with the local scene and wants to be best friends with all of Cloud Cult. When not listening to music or accidentally running into Jeremy Messersmith, she can be found writing poetry, discussing politics, and drinking tea, as well as performing improv with Brave New Workshop’s teen team. She has been a recipient of the Keren Or Young Arts Forum’s prize in poetry and has attended workshops at Walnut Hill School for the Arts and Emerson College. Sararosa hopes that one day she will be as cool as her grandmother, but only time will tell. You can find her at @srosiedosie on Twitter.

Taylor Hager, Staff Photographer: Taylor is a 16-year-old with a passion for filmography, photography, and music. She has a YouTube channel that includes all those things!

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