LIVE IN MPLS 12/20: Why Not Release Show with Gramma and Gather Data Pray For Death


Photos by Bethany Schreiner 

Review by Kyle Gare

The Cabooze Guest Experience:


The second I turned onto the one-way street in the heart of Minneapolis, I found the destination I was looking for: The Cabooze. Snow covered the street and angled parking lot—a look that every Minnesotan is used to this time of year. Once I got into the venue, the red lighting added to the special look that this place has held for many years. I also found myself looking at the Christmas lights that were hanging around the ceiling, bringing that holiday feeling holiday feeling into the air. I found a good seat before the bands started to play, not in front, but not in the back, with an awe-inspiring view of the stage that has some of the best lighting any band or crowd could ask for. The demographic was anyoneI saw children to older adults at the venue giving the reactions a full range. This place had it allthe lights, the people, and the thing we all were waiting for: the bands.


We started out first with a band called Gather Data Pray for Death. I could tell that with the way this crowd was, they were excited and ready for a sensational show, and Gather Data Pray for Death kicked off the night with a bang, giving us, the crowd, something to cheer for and to listen to. The set seemingly flew by as fast as I could reach for my beverage.


Before I knew it, the next band was coming on, called Gramma. These guys continued the rush that the crowd was having. They then amped up the feeling with one of their songs,“Fat.” The guitar and drums started getting louder and louder, then bam! an abrupt stop for a guitar solo from the lead. After playing he came to another halt, giving us silence for just a moment. Gramma was then off to the races! They played a set that ended up going by swiftly just like the previous band.


Finally, Why Not ended the show. These guys were kicking off a new album on this cold night, and for everyone that was there at The Cabooze, these guys wrapped up the show perfectly well. They went through the new album with confidence as if their newer material had existed before. I caught myself bobbing my head to the music as they were playing. Even the people around me couldn’t help moving their bodies to the rhythm of Why Not.


Once the show ended, I felt satisfied with what I had just saw. These bands played a show that was easy-coming and going on a Wednesday night, while being undeniably invigorating. Why Not, Gramma, and Gather Data Pray for Death are bands that know how to put on a show that’s suitable for a wide range of people. Walking out of the red haze of The Cabooze, I had a smile on my face having just seen a show that could have easily turned into a tragedy, instead it was a show that  thrived. Enjoyable, exciting, and rocky, The Cabooze held a show that I will remember for years to come. I hope in time I can see these bands at this venue again and experience the pleasure I got on that cold and slippery Wednesday night in the heart of Minneapolis.

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Hello! I am a photographer based out of minneapolis, I made this website to share my experiences in my local D.I.Y scene and what i can capture at shows. I have a lot of work from shows and bands but i do enjoy all sorts of photography styles! Exploring with photography is super fun and I'm glad to be able to share it!

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