LIVE IN MPLS 11/30: Remo Drive, Beach Bunny and Pierre at The Cedar!


Photos and Pierre review by Bethany Schreiner 

Review by Lucien O’Brien 


Pierre is the best band in the world


Beach Bunny

The first thing I thought when I saw Beach Bunny walk up on stage was “oh, the singer is that person I saw outside before the show screaming expletives at a crosswalk sign for changing at the wrong time.” Despite this, Beach Bunny’s set was the antithesis of loud and angry. The lion’s share of their music consisted of lyrics about the uncertainty of relationships backed by dreamy, reverb-soaked Jazzmaster chord progressions. This isn’t usually the type of thing I seek out, but for some reason, I was able to connect with it on a much deeper level than I would’ve expected based on the genre. I have a theory that for every day, my brain craves a different kind of music. Some days I find exactly what it is I’m craving, and I have a great time. Some days I don’t, and it’s unbelievably frustrating. Last night I guess it was laid-back surf-rock that fit the bill. Never would’ve figured that out on my own. Thanks Beach Bunny!


High point of the set: “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” causing so much stagediving that the management had to come out and ask people to chill.


Remo Drive

Being Remo Drive is every up-and-coming midwestern emo band’s fantasy. In the short period that they’ve been active, they’ve amassed a huge local following, and, to some extent, a national one as well. Their debut full-length, Greatest Hits, has been showing up on a lot of people’s album of the year lists over the past month. Before this show, the only time I’d listened to Remo Drive was the time my friend showed me one of their songs on the bus via a singular Apple earbud. At the time, I responded to it the same way I respond to most things that I am asked to listen to through a singular Apple earbud- “Oh, yeah, pretty cool man.” Anyway, I get to go to free shows at the Cedar because I volunteer there, and Remo was the only band playing a show this winter that I was interested enough in to sacrifice some of my hard-earned volunteer hours to see.

By the time Remo Drive came onstage, the crowd’s energy level was through the roof. Despite the management’s pleas, the stagediving came back in full force, which was rude on the audience’s part (the Cedar doesn’t have the same financial/legal resources as a venue like First Avenue. If someone got kicked in the head and sued, they could be in huge trouble). Other than that, it was nice to see people having such a good time. Everyone around me seemed to have memorized every Remo Drive lyric ever written, screaming along to every word.

So how did I feel about the show? Honestly, I was left a bit disappointed. I was promised “mathy guitar” by the band’s bio, but what I actually ended up with was a little less Cap’n Jazz and a little more Weezer than I’d hoped for. I find the fact that the “alternative youth culture” of today embraces bands with as little grit as this to be baffling. I get that it’s not the 80s anymore, but is a song where the chorus is “art school/colored hair” really worth starting a mosh pit over? I’m sure I sound like a fifty-year-old, but things like this legitimately confuse the heck out of me. God only knows what I’ll sound like when I’m actually fifty. I hope I’m still into Lil Pump.


High point of the set: A tired dad yelling “I gotta work tomorrow, ya know!” at the band.  

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