LIVE AT THE GARAGE: 11/25 Citizen, Sorority Noise, and Great Grandpa!


By Bethany Schreiner

Burnsville was the last stop of the ‘As You Please’ tour, a two month long stretch with Great Grandpa, Sorority Noise, and of course the headliner, Citizen. Great Grandpa is a band from Seattle, Washington, coming quite far from home while on tour. Their set was captivating as the lead vocalist has a variety of ranges, from singing to yelling. Having them as the opening band was great, as some people who may not have known their music sure got into it, I know I did. The best way to start a night out like this is with a lot of energy.. Being the last day of the tour, there were many warm thanks to the crew and other bands—especially to drummer Charlie Singer who was playing two sets every night for both Great Grandpa and Sorority Noise.


The Garage has recently renovated with a new stage and light setup, and the wardrobe choice of lead vocalist/guitarist Cameron Boucher was a perfect one to reflect the depth and ambiance of the new lights. Wearing a bright neon yellow and pink shirt, he was the only thing you saw when the lights dimmed, and when the lights illuminated the room the fabric stood out like the sun.. The lights were constantly changing colors and direction as the band performed some of the hits off of their recent album You’re not as ___ as you think while throwing in some older ones from their album Forgettable. The nostalgia of the older songs made the crowd go crazy, falling over each other to get closer to the stage and scream the lyrics back to the band.


According to other showgoers, this was the perfect night for me to see Citizen live for the first time. Everyone, including myself, was convinced that this was the best show they’ve ever seen from the Midwest band—or any band for that matter. It was a late Saturday night and they weren’t afraid to play loud, quite literally rocking our socks off. I think my teeth were still vibrating a few hours after the show. They said that they’ve been on tour for so long they kept saying “a few weeks ago we put out a new record” (referring to As You Please) but as the tour went out weeks turned into months since the album was released. They admitted to having a pretty standard setlist of their songs, but with the new album, they had to shake it up a bit.

The whole crowd was soaking up the time they shared with the band on stage— everyone was moving around and singing along. Pretty much seconds after the last song people were asking for more, and I don’t think I’ve ever been to a show where a band doesn’t deliver. Everyone was anxiously waiting to see the band reappear on stage, and to our surprise we saw everyone from Sorority Noise come back up to play one last song: “A Portrait Of” before ending with saying “We’ve been Citizen, thanks for coming out!” a fun prank to throw everyone off and end the tour.

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