LIVE IN MPLS|10/15: Hoodie Allen

By Liah Taylor


Last Sunday, October 15th, pop rapper Hoodie Allen headlined his “Hype Tour” at Minneapolis’ historic First Avenue. On this tour, Hoodie allowed his fans to vote on the set list, playing tunes from all albums. I had reviewed a show of his a bit over a year ago, having to admit, I hadn’t have any idea of who a Hoodie was. Learning his music can be a tad liberal as well as something to smoke to I had been pretty excited to see him this time around! I find myself surprisingly relating to his music, not being something I’d listen to on my own, I can’t be mad at my new interest. I turned on Hoodie’s tweet notifications prior to the show, to get myself in the same hype his fans would be on. Updated on pictures from past shows, and snarky tweets to get a hint of what he is about. This handsome Jewish boy came across as innocent but he does has a bad boy undertone that I cant help but be attracted to. Hoodie Allen puts up a good show, one full of traditions such as throwing cake (made by fans) into the audience as well as using an inertube to crowd surf. Hoodie claims Minneapolis as the most hype on every tour, perhaps he named this one after us.

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