LIVE IN MPLS: 6/16 Tigers Jaw at The Cabooze


By Bethany Schreiner 

The Cabooze is not my favorite venue but everyone there gave Tigers Jaw a warm welcome after 3 years not having played in Minneapolis. The show opened up with Smidley and Saintseneca (unfortunately traffic caused me to miss them both), but upon arrival the entire venue was warmed up and anticipating the next performance.

This was my first time seeing Tigers Jaw, and their stage presence was just as I would expect; it matches the feel of their music perfectly: safe and calm, but also makes you want to bounce around. It’s very rare I feel that i’ll go to a live show and be able to close my eyes and imagine myself listening in my room or my car because they vocals and instrumental sounds as if i’m listening straight off their album. It was rumored that they had a 20 song set, and it flowed so well I couldn’t tell if that was true; the set wasn’t long and it wasn’t rushed. They played a gentle mix of new songs off their recent album, Spin, and some old favorites like “The Sun” and “Plane vs. Tank vs. Submarine”. The show wasn’t packed, and the crowd had a leisurely vibe, but you couldn’t tell when songs like “Never saw it coming” and “Chemicals” played because the entire crowd was singing along. And if twenty songs wasn’t enough, as soon as they walked off stage the crowd was demanding more, and they kindly obliged coming back to play one last song.

This was such a pleasant show, and i’m glad this was my first time experiencing them. They’re currently finishing up their U.S tour for the new album, but hopefully they’ll be back again sooner than 3 years from now.



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