May Favorites

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By Sarah Bel Kloetzke


May has been a month of many things (as many months are) (as life is) but this month particularly was a great month of music. In order to help you keep up, I’ve compiled a brief but valuable lineup of my favorite newly-released jams.

On May 5, Perfume Genius released his fourth studio album No Shape: a whimsical, romantic masterpiece—a cologne-sprayed love letter to the beauty of same-sex love—a threat to anyone who dare question the power of two soulmates. Most importantly, it’s a personal piece of Mike Hadreas’ life that he’s granted us the honor of listening in on. No Shape has made my first taste of summer lilac-colored and confidently soft. My current favorite track is “Sides” and I absolutely adore the music video for “Slip Away.”

Paramore (who need no introduction) are still going strong despite many lineup changes and static periods over their 13-year career. On May 12, the 3-piece released After Laughter. An obvious ode to 80s pop, but with a dark undertone, After Laughter is satisfying and fun while being real and emotionally raw. Frontwoman Hayley Williams sings of topics like existential crisis, the weight of being a world-recognized artist, and the ever-relatable feeling of being let down by someone close to you, all on top of instrumentals that hold your hand and let you dance the pain away. A fan-favorite and favorite of mine is the second track, “Rose-Colored Boy.” LOW-KEY, NO PRESSURE, JUST HANG WITH ME AND MY WEATHER!

On May 16, Los Angeles disco-influenced indie rock artist Dent May announced a new album coming out on August 18, Across The Multiverse. Along with this announcement, he released the title track “Across The Multiverse” featuring Frankie Cosmos. This track is what would play if you were sitting poolside in the summertime playing Rainbow Road on Mario Kart with the love of your life—likely a strawberry-blonde pin-up girl wearing heart-shaped glasses. Oh, I love you, Dent May.

On May 17, The Technicolors announced that they will be releasing their new album Metaphysical on July 17. With the announcement they released a single titled “Congratulations, You’re A Doll.” About a year ago the Arizona band released their Sweat EP, which is considered to be a turning point for the band—a revered, unspoken shift in sound and maturity. Since then, The Technicolors have seemed confident in who they want to be and what they want to make. “Congratulations, You’re A Doll” is sweet evidence of this maturity and an instant staple summertime song.

With how this May has gone, I’m expecting a swarm of great music to lead us through the rest of this year.

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