Music News| Lady Gaga’s Joanne Album




By: Josie Morss

Mother Monster, or most formally known as Lady Gaga, has for the past decade consistently produced blockbuster hits for her skyrocketing numbers of little monsters. As Gaga has delighted us with her talent she has forever changed and impacted the lives of her many faithful followers. Each of her albums gets even more press, props, and stardom.

During Gaga’s musical reign, she has influenced and greatly changed the lives of her fans. Through her enticing songs and inspiring quotes, like “I think tolerance and  acceptance and love is what feeds every community,” Gaga has thrown nothing but unconditional love and acceptance at her followers, which they’ve all felt through every note and her ongoing motivation and praise to be nothing but themselves. Not only has she gifted her fans with never ending love and support, but she has also been an influential advocate for human rights. On top of all of that, Gaga teaches us all about youth empowerment and how to advocate for yourself.

When Lady Gaga’s newest album, Joanne, hit the stores in fall of last year, it become a new love for many people worldwide. In Gaga’s theme of love, she dedicated the title, Joanne, to her late aunt who passed of lupus a few years back, which emotionally scarred the singer. In an interview with Rolling Stone, to promote her upcoming album, Gaga revealed the hidden secrets in her new songs. For example, “John Wayne” is about her constant chase of wild men. While “Sinner’s Prayer” was explored Gaga’s confessions of love and sin.

Lady Gaga has truly changed the music world with her talent of bringing out her little monsters from their shell, to bask in the sun of all their glory, to her outstanding adaptations of classic songs and her own original works, have forever marked a new era and the people following her path.

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