LIVE IN CHICAGO | 3/11 Sorority Noise, Mat Kerekes, The Obsessives, and Remo Drive


By Bethany Schreiner

I’ve always said that distance is never an issue when it comes to seeing some of your favorite bands. I took a semi-solo trip to The Bottom Lounge located in Chicago, Illinois to catch an awesome line-up of a show.

Opening this show up is our very own hometown hero’s Remo Drive, they’re set was highly anticipated by the other bands performing as well as a good percentage of the crowd. Personally, I have seen Remo Drive play numerous times, and they never fail to put on a good show. Having intriguing stage presence, high energy, and an overall strong connection between the three is the perfect recipe for a good set.

The Obsessives are a band out of Washington DC, and currently on the full U.S Tour with Sorority Noise. Signed with Lame-O Records they are expecting to release a new LP sometime this year. Honestly, this is one of those bands on the bill that you’ve heard of but haven’t listened to yet. I had put them on my playlist for the trip there to get a feel for the genre they were and hoping catch onto a few songs to remember during their set. As always listening to a band online and seeing them live are two completely different experiences and they were able to deliver a performance that’ll be stuck in my mind, they’ll definitely a band I will be listening to more often.

On the trip there me and my friends were discussing the lineup and that we didn’t know who Mat Kerekes was, but to my surprise after seeing the merch tables I recognized the album cover and I realized I knew who it was and pleased to know I enjoyed them. After a few songs, Mat took a moment to explain a tweet he had seen about that night’s show, them exclaiming that “all of the other shows have cool bands and we get Mat Kerekes” he laughed it off and continued to play knowing he was pleased to be on this segment of the tour and that’s all that mattered.

With my unusually efficient time management, my friends and I arrived at the show a few hours early and we had the pleasure to talk with the lead guitar/vocals Cameron Boucher. He was excited to play this show because it would be the first time Sorority Noise “headlined” and this venue, although Cameron explained that he didn’t like saying that and just preferred to say that they played last. It wasn’t until the lights dimmed and they all walked on stage that I really realized that I was seeing this band play, and how ecstatic I was to experience it. Fortunately for me, they played a lot of my favorite songs, incorporating a healthy balance of songs between all three of their albums. Their songs are relatable in a way that makes me feel warm and welcome, and before playing their last song “Using” Cameron took a moment to talk about mental illness and how it affects him and many others, and the importance to take care of yourself physically and mentally. Something I really needed to hear. The crowd, of course, was screaming along and crowd surfing despite all the signs saying not to, and once the band walked off stage we demanded them back for just one last song.


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