Bandcamp Camp 2: Still Campin’ — Day Two


by EJ Coleman

Bandcamp Camp is a week long series of reviews of long lost, saved, and forgotten Bandcamp songs, began here.

Rise and shine campers! It may already be afternoon, but it’s always a bright sunny morning at Bandcamp Camp. Here’s hoping you remembered to hang up your swimsuits yesterday. Ew, is that mold? Come on guys, I’m not your maid…



Track: “Black Lipstick” (Aug. 2015)

Artist: Chicano Batman

Tags: indy-rock, psychedelic, rock, soul, tropical

Favorite Lyric: “Because it’s true she’s a gangster with her emotion / A capitalist with her affection / As she swindles away / As she swindles away to your heart”

There was this one liquor commercial I used to get incessantly on Spotify that I would only suffer through because the cover of “This Land is Your Land” was actually really cool. I only caught the name of the band a few times before the ad played out, but it was just enough to recognize them when this link stumbled through my line of sight.

As cool as that cover was, this song is infinitely more so. I feel unqualified to tell you how cool it is, as I have never been or done anything cool in my entirely life. The bass climbing towards its higher reaches, the singer’s particular attacks and popping p’s, and the almost sinister, ethereal synth all create a slick and easy atmosphere strata above my reach.



Track: “Something Soon” (Jan. 2012)

Artist: Car Seat Headrest

Tags: alternative, indie rock, lo-fi, psychedelic

Favorite Lyric: “binging on the latest sitcom / feeling guilty every second it’s on / I want put my foot through a window / (I document my mind loss) / I want to romanticize my headfuck (white angst) / (through instruments of wordplay)”

I mean, it’s Car Seat Headrest. You don’t need me to tell you—everyone else already has. I picked this song in particular out of their entire discography because I like the album art, and then this song in particular spoke to me.

Sometimes I catch my reflection in a window and think it’s Will Toledo, which works both literally and as a metaphor. Literally, it’s because we look pretty similar, and have a few of the same shirts. Metaphorically, it’s because these fuzzy lyrics sound like a missive from my distant alternate self, shouted across the proper channelling multi-dimensional threads to get to our universe.



Track: “Fifteen Minutes” (May 2011)

Artist: Mike Krol

Tags: alternative, power pop

Favorite Lyric: “What if all the stars came crashing to the ground / And explosions and fires started happening all around / Would you believe me and come home / Or sit back, let it be?”

Get! Pumped! I wish this song was fifteen minutes because I never want it to end. It fills me with the same kind of need for movement as Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, or the end credits of a very good film where I’ve been sitting (mostly) still for two hours and now just want to jump up and down ranting about how good it was.



Track: “Love is a Many Gendered Thing” (Jun. 2015)

Artist: Bourgeois Speedball

Tags: experimental, speculative pop, footwork, musique concrete

Favorite Lyric: “Tales / That are told so many times / Become ingrained inside the flesh / Unfolding in mind”

Some musicians have such particular voices that you feel like you’ve heard before but still know they are wholly unique. Katsy Pline, the lead singer of Bourgeois Speedball, has one such voice. Especially with the surreal twists this song takes, “Love is a Many Gendered Thing” is like a late 60’s cinematic ballad, cut up and glued back together in odd shapes, and then run through a Launchpad or similar electronica machine. The lyrical riffs this song takes have an unexpected poetry to them that ties the whole thing together.

Tomorrow: more poetry references, poetry, and Drake.

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Cat enthusiast & self-proclaimed indie rock connoisseur. Former senior staff writer for Garage Music News, eternally a poet. Curating the niche.

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