This Record Store Day, instead of braving the rambunctious crowds at every place that conceivably sells music, the staff of Garage Music News stayed indoors and wrote about what they would have hoped to find. Because in our minds everything is possible. And you’re less likely to be elbowed in the eye for exclusive pressings.

I’m a big fan of movie soundtracks, and an even bigger fan of Disney movie soundtracks. This love has been recently reignited with the release of Moana, which is probably the best soundtrack Disney has ever produced. Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mark Mancina, and Opetaia Foa’i, it’s a beautiful compilation of powerful ballads that make me feel like I’m surfing a giant wave of self-confidence and sunshine. My favorite song off the soundtrack is “How Far I’ll Go”, and if I had my choice of hypothetical record store day releases, I would want a full-length LP that’s just “How Far I’ll Go” over and over, and the B-side is just the reprise. And I guarantee if I had such a record, it would be on repeat all day every day. Hooray for Lin-Manuel Miranda and girl power! —Lizzie

A bright white, gold-flecked 7″ of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” and Indigo Girl’s “Closer to Fine”, as the seven minutes and twenty-six seconds before I die immediately from emotional overexposure, like the tape from The Ring but with more self-discovery. Alternatively a 7″ of Sufjan Steven’s monologue before performing “The Predatory Wasp Of The Palisades Is Out To Get Us!” at Austin City Limits and the song on the back. It’s a soft blue and dark green marbled vinyl, like the earth or like a whirlpool of childhood memories, and it also kills me instantly. —EJ

I don’t know if you’ve watched Crazy Ex Girlfriend, but it’s insane. The music is just as amazing. In a “this song makes me uncomfortable, but it’s still killing it” kind of way. My dream record is My Crazy Ex Girlfriend soundtrack in the shape of either the shape of Rebecca Bunch’s big head or California. —Josie

If I could own anything on vinyl I think it would be Parenthetical Girls’ live performances for INTOTHEWOODS. It’s a series of five videos of the Portland band playing their music around various locations in their hometown. The songs are “Young Throats“, “Sympathy for Spastics“, “Curtains“, and “For All The Final Girls“. “Sympathy for Spastics” is actually my favorite music-related thing on earth, and for once, I’m not just being dramatic. Parenthetical Girls are a tragically underrated band, and Vimeo is a tragically underrated media hosting site, and the lack of this golden audio on a vinyl is tragic. —Sarah Bel

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