MUSIC NEWS | Bleachers Announces Second Album “Gone Now”


by EJ Coleman

When the Bleachers Twitter account underwent a mysterious overhaul late March 27th, those who were awake and watching were both confused and aflutter. The enigmatic single red circle was soon followed by a short video titled “i’ve got to get myself back home soon”. Forty-five seconds of Jack Antonoff’s point of view as he wakes up in his childhood bedroom (which, I’ll have you know, has always been awesome) and goes for a drive. The official website updated with a map that seemed to confirm this, a short little line taking a ride on the Garden State Parkway. Intriguing.

Two more videos followed—“somebody broke me once” and “in my dreams im to blame”—and spurred the map on like an Indiana Jones transition, until finally on the 30th the trail ended in Union Square in New York with directions to “be the first to get your hands on new music“. Along with the album announcement the next day and the summer tour dates, the lead single “Don’t Take The Money” was made available wherever you get your music.

Since then there’s been airplay, festival lineups, vinyl, and tour announcements (although sadly none in Minnesota), all finally leading up to the announcement of Gone Now, which will be coming out June 2nd.

The album will mark the band’s first new material since 2014, when their debut album Strange Desire was released. As the album received praise the band toured extensively, but since releasing Terrible Thrills, Vol. 2 (Strange Desire as covered by all female artists) Bleachers has been off the map. Antonoff seemed content producing friends (Lorde, Grimes, Sia, Troye Sivan, among others) and tinkering with his own music in the background. After such a long wait, and such a high bar set by the lead single, the expectations for Gone Now are high. Hopefully Jack Antonoff will skyrocket over them again.

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