LIVE IN MPLS | 3/12: Hippo Campus & Magic City Hippies

By: Liah Taylor

Miami’s “indie funk band”, Magic City Hippies came through Minnesota’s, First Avenue on their very first tour. “Dusted with a taste of hip hop,” they intrigued the full house with their smooth tastes after being lightly “baked in an oven of soul.” Personally, I am hoping they come back soon, rhythms too sweet that you’d travel far to reminisce on again, like  Krispie Kreme or Dunkin Donuts (RIP to fellow Minnesotans).

Recieving the pleasure of seeing Hippo Campus was nothing but exciting. Having word from my doctor to check them out about a year ago, I then hadn’t thought too much of their audiences age group! I enjoyed witnessing middle aged couples mindlessly dance two feet away from a 8 month old’s first concert. Hippo Campus has been word around the streets, twitter and better yet my doctors office. Their indie pop attractive sound allowed me to thoroughly enjoy myself and left me desiring more.




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