LIVE IN MPLS| 3/4: Bad Bad Hats


by Desney Cody

Minneapolis natives, Bad Bad Hats, had a double header show at 7th St. Entry on March 4, 2017. I had never seen the trio perform before, and I hadn’t listened to much of their music prior either, so going into the show I didn’t have much to say about them, and I didn’t know what exactly to expect. But I was absolutely captivated by them and their presence. Going to shows of bands and artists that you don’t know well isn’t always super fun. The show that The Bad Bad Hats put on though, was a kind that I had never experienced before.

I didn’t realize how small it was and It gets really warm when there are a lot of people, but it also allows you to get up close and personal with the performers, and truly enjoy the show with the people around you  since you aren’t contained by chairs, stairs, or rails. The lightning is simple and there’s no stage barricade. Since I got to the venue about thirty minutes before the show had started, I was up close. I was nearly right in front of Kerry Alexander, the lead singer and guitar player.

Bad Bad Hats are an indie rock band that sing about love and life, the good and bad of both, in a very sensitive and emotive manner. They have a distinct sound and look, that is derived from their influence of artists from the 90s, and it is also shown through their simple arrangements. And their show and performance reflected that. All of the band members were dressed casually, and they didn’t move around a whole lot, yet, I couldn’t take my eyes off of them and I didn’t want any of the songs to end.

They had about an hour and a half set, so they were able to perform the majority of their songs off their EP and full-length album, Psychic Reader. And in between nearly every song, the band would stop to retune their instruments and kind of stall a bit, which only made the show much better because while they were doing so, they told jokes and  stories about the songs. They were engaging with the audience in a different way than them just playing their music.

Bad Bad Hats’ show at 7th St. Entry was a show that made me feel more than just a person in the crowd; not only was I was really close to the band, but I felt that I connected with them and the music on a level that moved beyond the lyrics of the songs, and their sound. And that isn’t something that is easily done for just any artists and someone that has hardly ever listened to their music before.

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