PLAYLIST | Warm Welcome


March in Minnesota is a guessing game–one day it’s 60 degrees and sunny, the next it’s snowing and everyone retreats indoors and back into a state of hopeless cabin fever. Although there’s nothing we can do about the weather besides pray for sun, here are some summery songs to ease you through the next few weeks of winter:


Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros – “Home”

I chose this song because it’s super upbeat and just makes anyone feel good, as summer does (or should). Summer is home to me. –Desney

Shang-High – “What Did We Do (ft. Xyzebs)”

I chose this because of the mood it sets, both with the instrumental and the lyrics. It has uplifting chords and rhythms, and it makes you want to sit on the beach during sun set on a warm day. –Jacob

Vinyl Pinups – “Gold Rays”

This song just embodies summer for me. Cheery, upbeat, and brainlessly repetitive (in a good way), it’s as effective as a much-needed dose of Vitamin D in this weird, slightly discouraging time of the year. –Lizzie

LANY – “Pink Skies”

“Pink Skies” by LANY is the perfect song for summer and warm weather all together, because no clouds, that means sunsets. It reminds me of beaches and summer love… I mean I’ve never had a summer love but I can imagine having one under a pink sky would be pretty nice. –Jessi

David Bowie – “Young Americans”

“Young Americans” by David Bowie reminds me of last summer when the only albums I listened to for two months were a Bowie compilation on vinyl and an old Against Me! EP. It was a weird time. Therefore, the nicer weather we’ve been experiencing brings me back to last summer, and “Young Americans.” –Sarah Bel

Walk the Moon – “Next in Line”

Every song by Walk the Moon is somehow simultaneously the pinnacle of summer. Every chorus, lyric, bassline, and beat makes even me dance. You can’t help but want to run outside in the grass when you hear it. –EJ

ODESZA – “Say My Name (feat. Zyra)”

I chose this song because it brings out a lot of summer vibes for me. It reminds me of long warm days hanging out with friends and relaxing. –John

DNCE – “Cake By The Ocean”

“Cake By The Ocean” by DNCE is the epitome of a rocking summer song. The song itself makes me long for the hot summer days full of nothing but oceans and a little bit of cake. –Josie

Glass Animals – “Gooey”

The collision of instruments that Glass Animals presents can always instantly put me in a great mood.”Gooey” specifically reminds me of my recent summer of mindlessly wandering through Minneapolis parks, enjoying lakes with friends and a freedom found in lack of routine. –Liah


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