LIVE IN MPLS | The Japanese House

By: Maddy Siiter 

The Japanese House made their first visit to the Twin Cities as headliners earlier this week. The London based trio has previously toured with The 1975, whose drummer – George Daniel produced much their discography thus far. Not only was it the group’s first headlining tour, it was also my first 18+ show without my mom.

I’m not going to lie, I was incredibly nervous to show the bouncer my ID. Though it was completely valid, I was still irrationally afraid I wouldn’t get in. Of course it was stupid. So with giant red x’s plastered onto the front of my hands, I filed into The Triple Rock Social Club with the rest of the line waiting outside. There were still a lot of high school and young college kids in the crowd, those who had recently turned 18 like myself, so it really didn’t feel much different than an all-ages show. The anticipation of the ambient nature of The Japanese House may have played into the fact it was pretty mellow, but for “my first 18+ show” experience, it was a bit underwhelming.

Blaise Moore (I’m pretty sure this is a play on “blaze more”… nice) opened the show with songs off of her Laurence EP. The Toronto-native newcomer seems to be tapping into the trip-hop / edgy pop with the likes of Halsey and Lana Del Rey. “Licorice and liquor / taste of your tongue got me feeling never sicker” but with the continuum of “f**kin’” this and that, it was a bit overboard.

Though Bain’s performance is always stunning with layered vocals and synthesizers behind her intrapersonal yet situational lyrics, the British frontwoman sounded the most magnificent with nothing but her live vocals, a harmony track and her crisp electric guitar on “Pools To Bathe In.” The entire room fell silent as she quietly sung, “Oh I’m fading, crazed and cradling…pools to bathe in.”  

It was a set where I lost track of time. Literally, when Bain announced it would be her last song, I was stunned when I realized an hour was coming to a close. She requested the stage lights come down and the disco ball hanging in the middle of the room turned on. As the group played “Still”, the room darkened, only illuminated by the spheres of light circulating around the room.
Though it was an enthralling performance, it was also bittersweet reminder I’m stepping away from being dependent on the all-ages scene.

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