PROFILE | Lionsdale: Unadulterated passion



photo by Riley Downs Photo

by Josie Morss

Lionsdale, an up-and-coming Lakeville pop-punk band, have captivated fans with their style, sound, and pure, unadulterated passion for music

Each member of Lionsdale caught the case of the music bug at a very young age. Drawn to the music scene, Ben, Garth, Jace, Jake, and Jon have played in a number of bands together over the years, and essentially became each other’s best friends. As the band members grew older their love for music intensified and their talent grew more and more. Eventually the boys craved a whole new sound and style, which led to the beginning of Lionsdale.

Much like many musicians before them, Lionsdale has been influenced by specific bands, stories, and sounds. Iconic bands like The Wonder Years and The Story So Far guided Lionsdale’s sound and style. When it comes to writing original songs, the band takes part in a roller coaster with obvious ups and downs. “We can usually get a rough draft of a song going pretty quickly,” said Jon Brenner, Lionsdale’s drummer. “It is always the tiniest of details that prove to be the most difficult.”

Even through those ups and downs, their uniqueness and originality allows Lionsdale to have no problem standing out. The band itself has a rare sense of pride and passion for their music. Together, the band have shared interests and the bravery to grow, even recently experimenting with funk. That combination of passion and curiosity about different sounds has ultimately led them to where they are today.

Their drive to make music that stands out is aided by their buddy-buddy dynamic towards each other–a unique strength many artists long for. Like when they cram into their pride and joy: the Dodge Grand Caravan. “We are so far the only band we have come across who fits all our gear, and all five of us in just a Dodge Grand Caravan,” said Jon Brenner, Lionsdale’s drummer. “It may not be the most comfortable, but it sure beats buying a van.”

Lionsdale recently released an EP called Go Funk Yourself and they are deep into the writing process of their second EP. The band has, in the past, put a darker twist on their music. Some of that instinct has shifted recently.

Believe it or not, Lionsdale has no rhyme or reason when it comes to the writing process. As a whole, the band writes music that they enjoy playing and listening to. Much like any other band, Lionsdale runs on dreams and ambition. One dream being that they hope to write as much music as possible. Another one being that they hope to tour while they juggle the many responsibilities of life.

Lionsdale is a respected band in the all-ages music scene that congregates and moshes at THE GARAGE, and they recognize it. “THE GARAGE has been a place that all of us have gone to for many many years, and we would not be nearly where we are today if it were not for the THE GARAGE,” said Brenner, “Most of our first real gigs were at that venue, and we still love playing there today.”

It is clear that Lionsdale has lots of amazing people in their corner. Their vast support system is full of friends in the music world, THE GARAGE, their parents, and many friends that they’ve met along the way.

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