GIVE THIS 15 MIN | 7 Minutes in Heaven


[Editor’s note: We gave our staff 15 minutes to tell us about an underappreciated artist. Here is the latest in our series we’re calling “Give This 15 Min“]

by Jessi

7 Minutes in Heaven (7MIH) is a local band from Chicago, Illinois that seems to have just disappeared musically. The alternative band released an EP in 2015 called Side Effects which included five songs. Although a very talented band, there hasn’t been much new release from them in over a year. After they did a small tour with Marina City, the band played about two festivals and simply just stopped. Now, I’m not sure if they are working on anything, but they seemed to drop all of their ideas. The band told fans they were planning to tour in the summer of 2016, and never did. So…where are they?

The boys seem to stay active on social media though. They all post regularly on Instagram and Twitter, but where is the music? The band has such a unique sound and all of the members are crazy talented and humbled. 7MIH gives off a very bubbly warm vibe and it’s a shame they aren’t announcing music, or touring, or anything! It may be because the band is underappreciated. They definitely deserve more attention. Although their youtube channel hasn’t been posted on in half a year *cough cough*, they have a few music videos out and a ton of tour diaries, you can watch them here.

Also, just a slight update, since I have written this, the boys have announced that soon they will be back in the studio writing tunes. Thank god.

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