GIVE THIS 15 MIN | Remo Drive


by Bethany Schreiner 

Remo Drive is a local alternative emo indie rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. You probably haven’t heard of them, but let’s change that. They started out in 2013 and have put out quite a bit of music to fall in love with. Starting out with putting a 9 track demo up in 2014, featuring songs like “away” and “monetary,” which have more of a post hardcore and post punk vibe to them that make you wanna shove someone. Whereas their release of an EP called Wait for the Sun features songs like “sleepless” and “diving,” which are more on the emo side and make you wanna curl up in a ball and cry because the lyrics are more relatable on deeper emotional level. The boys have been ripping gigs for the past few years, sometimes at the garage or small venues in minneapolis, and maybe even your neighbor’s basement. They’ve been working hard on a full length, which you can have the pleasure of hearing this march, but in the meantime they have a music video out for one of their new songs “yer killing me” which unexpectedly gained 80k views in just a matter of a week. A lot of them may be from me watching it on repeat, or maybe you heard of them from Anthony Fantano, a music blogger that featured them on his “best & worst tracks” segment, where he reviews releases from the past week and gives his input on the songs, focusing on sound, production, and overall the talent held within the music. They of course made it on the best tracks. Anthony is ecstatic to explain his thoughts on their song. He says, “They’re this indie rock group and this song ‘yer killing me’ and it’s the best written rock song I’ve heard in awhile: great chord-progression, funny, self destructive, tongue and cheek lyrics, serious tension to the song at certain points and really great melodies too, passionate vocal delivery.” Then he continues, explaining his love for the crescendo with delivering a rendition of his own. Listen to Anthony and me, check them out, fall in love, and try to maintain the speed limit when you jam out in your car. Don’t let these guys slip by.

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