GIVE THIS 15 MIN | The Doors

by Desney Cody



The Doors are a classic rock band that formed in 1965 in Los Angeles, California. They got their start by being a house band at Whiskey A Go Go,  located on Sunset Strip. It was a four piece band; Jim Morrison being the leader singer, Ray Manzarek on keys, Robby Krieger played the guitar and John Densmore was the drummer. Ray, Robby and John were all fairly normal; they just wanted to make rock n’ roll music and do drugs. But Jim had a different idea of what their music should be. Jim was a very spiritual being, he was deeply immersed in Native American culture, although, he himself was not Native. He just wanted to live, be free and be at peace with himself… Despite the violent tendencies when he was on a trip. A quote from Jim says: “Where’s your will to be weird?” And their music very much so showcases their will to be weird.

They may not have been the most influential band, like The Beatles or Led Zeppelin were, but they definitely are a classic, and did change people and their perception of the world around them. The Doors didn’t tour constantly or widely, but when they did, everyone and Jim especially, were all drunk and high… so that was a trip in itself. The audiences members would basically riot at their shows because they believed that Jim was saying some really profound things– if that was his infamous motivational speeches against authority or if it was the music itself that transcended people.

Their will never be another band like The Doors. They had a certain character to them and to their music that can’t be replicated. They were drunken poets, and they made real art. The Beatles made catchy and trippy songs, and Led Zeppelin could rock out like nobody else. People didn’t know how to always respond to their music and the way they performed at first. But the outlandish content of The Doors’ music and it was presented, is something that could only be done once. And that’s why they are one of the most underappreciated bands.



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