PLAYLIST | Valentine’s Day

Red heart paper cut out with clothes pin

by GMN Staff

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so however you feel about the holiday, we have a playlist you’ll like:

Landon Pigg – “Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop”

I would most likely categorize this song as Disgustingly Cheesy and not something I’d usually listen to seriously, but it’s totally necessary for Valentine’s Day. Every lyric could definitely fit on a Hallmark card, which makes it even better. –Maddy


Troye Sivan – “TALK ME DOWN”

This is the most disgustingly hopeless romantic song I could think of. It’s beautiful instrumental and Troye’s soft, loving voice makes this song basically cupid’s vomit. It talks about missing who you love and just wanting to be next to them. This song could give you feels whether you have someone or don’t this Valentine’s Day. –Jessi


Smashing Pumpkins – “Landslide (Fleetwood Mac cover)

This describes how i feel towards Valentine’s Day because I feel this song literally describes me. As amazing it is to be in love potentially, you lose yourself in it and you potentially lose your identity in someone else–my greatest fear. And while Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating your love for somebody else, this song just kind of keeps me in check, but also makes me feel something that I can’t begin to explain; as love should. –Desney


Blackbear – “My Bad Luv”

The title of the song pretty much explains itself. I choose this song because I haven’t had the greatest Valentine’s Day past. I’ve only spent one actual Valentine’s Day with someone and somehow sitting alone watching Finding Nemo while my date is in the bathroom talking on the phone with a friend just isn’t that fun. Who knew? –John

Samson – “You & I”

My addition to the playlist will be You & I by Samson. I chose this song because it talks about reminiscing about someone he loved, and that’s realistically what a lot of people do on Valentine’s Day. Also, in an interview about the song, he explained how he wrote parts of it while actually having Valentine’s Day in mind. –Jacob


Ben Rector – “I Like You”

“I Like You” is a sweet and simple love song that makes me feel happy whenever I listen to it, whether I’m in love or whether I want everyone on earth to stay 38 feet away from me. It feels like an early morning cup of coffee and brisk air, and it’s sure to warm you up on Valentine’s day no matter how you’re feeling. –Lizzie

Death Cab For Cutie – “Transatlanticism”

The initial thought of Valentine’s Day makes me happy, because it’s the cutest holiday and I am lovestruck. But, unfortunately, Valentine’s Day can really suck when you’re across the ocean from your valentine. “Transatlanticism” by Death Cab For Cutie pretty accurately sums up this feeling for me, since over half the song is just the line I need you so much closer over and over and over again. –Sarah Bel


Keaton Henson – “Elevator Song”

Valentine’s Day is an arbitrary date to celebrate romantic love and time is a social construct anyway, but if love was real it would sound like the gentle piano and slow, heart-wrenching bows of Ren Ford’s cello. –EJ


Celine Dion  “All By Myself”

This is a perfect song for Valentine’s Day because, for me at least, a day dedicated for love and romance is disgusting. The whole day just makes me uncomfortable, and so does this song. On top of it all, every Valentine’s Day I’m always completely alone, so it’s a perfect fit! –Josie

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