2017 | Please Be Better

by GMN Staff

It’s safe to say by now everyone is tired of complaining about 2016, and ready to face 2017 with a renewed, albeit slightly desperate sense of optimism. The staff at GMN certainly feel this way, so in order to spread some additional positivity, we’ve compiled a list of the music we’re most excited for in the upcoming year:

2016 was rough, and despite a few shining rays of hope like the 1975 and Bon Iver’s new albums, even the music world didn’t provide much solace as we suffered through death, despair, and bad memes. But thankfully, even just two weeks in, 2017 is already promising to be better. With new albums guaranteed from Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, Aquilo, and Laura Marling, and a rumored revival of the 2013 indie pantheon (Haim, Lorde, Arctic Monkeys, and Vampire Weekend to name a few), so far it seems like the universe might finally be getting it’s sh*t together. It can only go up from here, right? –Lizzie


2017 is a year of hope. I mean, maybe not, but after 2016 we should have all the optimism we can muster. From what I’ve heard, 2017 is going to be a fantastic year for music!! Some of my favorite artists like Lorde, PWR BTTM, and Paramore are expected to release music this year and I couldn’t be more excited!!!!  But will it really make up for 2016’s less-than-dazzling performance? I can’t pretend to be that optimistic. Depending on how these first few months go I might suddenly get involved in the local scene in Switzerland. – Sarah Bel


If Vampire Weekend does something, anything, the year is already saved. They could do a monthly fitness podcast with Steve Buscemi or a performance art piece in Central Park and I’d be there. Turn Watership Down into a musical. Start a bicycle tour company based on the local memes of whichever city they’re in. Release an album in the middle of that night that’s only whale sounds, weird humming, and clips of famous speeches and it would be alright. In fact, that’s a good idea, feel free to take that and run with it. Ezra, you have my number. – EJ


2016 was the year of overplayed but yet annoyingly catchy songs and an unpredictable political turn out. To put it lightly, 2016 was a crap chute. Now that it’s 2017, we’ve all been given a fresh start to make this year the best that it can be. Avicii will contribute to making 2017 mind blowingly awesome with his recently announced upcoming album. Another artist expected to release a new album this year is the infamous Cheryl. This year many people are looking forward to not only Avicii and Cheryl’s new albums, but many more to come. 2017 is going to blow 2016 out of the water with new music. – Josie


2016 was pretty awful. The internet and our society seemed to be taken over by a monumental amount of “fake” music, like Future and Desiigner and much more. Their songs have a strong bassline, don’t get me wrong, however as artists they have zero talent (in my opinion). Now, some may be mad at me for saying that, but it’s true. I mean, have you ever heard a raw freestyle from Desiigner without any filters or auto-tune?? He sounds like trash and then starts making noises that sound like a dying animal. Anyone can go buy a cheap microphone, pull up Garage Band, record themselves mumbling words, apply filters, and call it a song. To me, 2017 needs to bring back some real artists in the hip hop and rap world; artists who have talent. For example, Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, and Jarren Benton have talent with their rap. They rarely apply filters, and they rap extremely fast and fluently. Or my personal favorite: Logic. I love every aspect of his music. He is real in his songs. He uses his raw voice. He mostly raps about real issues, not just money drugs and degrading women. He almost never uses auto tune or filters. 2017 needs artists who are talented at making real music. This year’s music world will be so much better without filters and auto tune, without degrading women, and without pointless messages. –Jacob


I want my 2017 to be swelling with the dreamy sounds and raw emotions that omit from my favorite female artists: Angel Olson, Beach House, Mothers, Julien Baker, The Japanese House. Regardless of anything that occurs from our new presidential era during a year we’re all weary of from its successor, female empowerment and emotional validation will not be something I’ll let slip away from me.

The hazy and whimsical sounds of Beach House and The Japanese House create a safe, surreal home while the poetic lyrics of Kristine Leschper of Mothers, Baker and Olson remind me all feelings are real and okay.

Angel Olson’s “Acrobat” – I want to be made out of love / I want to be made into life

Even if I don’t experience these performances live and in person, I’ll be sure to keep the records spinning. – Maddy
For me, as subjective as it is, I just want to listen to more great music. There are plenty of artists  that I want to come out with more and better songs and albums. But I just want to listen to great music. I listen to a lot of old music still, like the Beatles or the Doors, so I want to find music that effects me the way that those bands and their albums have on me. I mean, music is my passion and basically my religion… It shouldn’t be that hard. But literally anything is better than what happened in 2016- within society/culture, and music. Yes, a lot of great music was put out: Beyonce’s “Lemonade,” Frank Ocean’s “blonde” and Bon Iver’s “22 a Million”, all of which made very powerful statements or did a complete 180 than what was their previous style. But especially with our President- Elect, and the shenanigans he will be pulling, the albums to come with these strong messages and acts out against them, will definitely start a conversation and make a lasting impact on not only just me. – Desney

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