LIVE AT THE GARAGE | 12/17 Tiny Moving Parts, Household, Unturned, and Charlie Siren!


By Bethany Schreiner

On Saturday we had the treat of having four Minnesota bands share main stage. Charlie Siren opened up with high energy as usual, getting the crowd all warmed up playing songs off their most recent album Mood Swings. If it wasn’t already packed enough, everyone tried their hardest to be as close to the stage once Unturned started their set. They played a nice balance between old songs off the EP Acceptance as well as their most recent release Pituitary. Household’s set was short and sweet, but that didn’t stop anyone from keeping the energy going, screaming along and doing many many stage dives. Finally Tiny Moving Parts came out and brought along some holiday spirit, they were all dressed up in christmas sweaters and adorned the stage with garlands and twinkly lights. This being the first time seeing them, i was amazed with their stage presence and honestly their unique lighting, it created a different ambiance to their performance. It was overall such an amazing show and a great representation of Minnesota music.

About Lilbeephoto (26 Articles)
Hello! I am a photographer based out of minneapolis, I made this website to share my experiences in my local D.I.Y scene and what i can capture at shows. I have a lot of work from shows and bands but i do enjoy all sorts of photography styles! Exploring with photography is super fun and I'm glad to be able to share it!

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