PREVIEW | “Too Much” Tour


By Sarah Bel Kloetzke

On March 20, 2016 I found myself enduring my 1.5 hour journey to The Garage to see a band that I had just recently gotten into: SWMRS. The Oakland band was headlining their tour with The Frights—a three-piece who I had never heard before. After watching two local bands play, The Frights took the stage, and I subsequently lost my cool. The Frights were a mix of everything I love: pop, 50s doo-wop, surf, and good ol’ punk. Their set influenced me to buy every CD they were offering at their merch table, and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. I even traveled all the way to Chicago to catch a show of theirs on my birthday.

The Frights released their sophomore album You Are Going To Hate This towards the beginning of this year, a month before they came into my life. It was the album that I was initially drawn to after hearing its standout tracks “Tungs” “Kids” and “All I Need” live. These songs are fast paced, witty, and just straight-up fun. “All I Need” is my favorite of the three; the contrast between the distorted, punky verses and the smooth, flirty chorus In my head, I find it’s hard to think… made me fall in love with the San Diego band even more.

Another single from the album is the semi-ambient “Afraid Of The Dark.” The Frights released a video for this song in the summertime—an ode to the 80s and unreality.

Beach-House-dreaminess has become popular lately, and The Frights serve their own take on it with “Haunted” and “Puppy Knuckles.” These two tracks are some of my favorites from them, and I’m still waiting for the day that I’ll be able to see these songs live.

On November 19, the “Too Much” Tour will be coming to the Varsity Theater featuring FIDLAR, SWMRS, and The Frights. With a lineup like that, there’s no way I would miss it. SWMRS, formally known as Emily’s Army, are a great band that have really established themselves as someone to watch in the last year or so since their re-branding. Their debut album as SWMRS, Drive North, was released in February and I’ve been listening to it consistently since that release. Specifically, it’s perfect music to drown out the voices of my peers on my bus ride home from high school, and the punkiness of it validates teen angst perfectly. FIDLAR, SWMRS, and The Frights are like the three musketeers of bands. They’ve consistently stuck together tour-wise, and sound-wise, they’re the perfect trio. I really look forward to being able to see them all together on the 19th, and it’s a night you’re not going to want to miss.


About sarah bel (12 Articles)
Highly caffeinated college student who loves many things. Favorite music includes Parenthetical Girls, Perfume Genius, Death Cab For Cutie, Queen, and The Brobecks. All-time favorite song is Dance Yrself Clean by LCD Soundsystem. Also a big fan of second-hand fashion, travel, photobooths, comedy, the paranormal, e.e. cummings, and writing letters. Find me on instagram @kloetzke.

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