REVIEW | Photocomfort — “Hit, Run”


by EJ Coleman

My how the time flies. A little over a year ago, synthpop darlings Magic Man announced that they would be returning to their original two-man lineup, losing, among others, their keyboardist Justine Bowe. It was a tragic evening of loss for all, but thankfully it gave way to this beautiful new track from Photocomfort, Bowe’s new-old project.

Released last Friday, “Hit, Run” is the newest Photocomfort single. Aside from last year’s two singles (which are on Spotify and I highly recommend), this is Photocomfort’s first endeavour since 2011, when the band was first created and released an album that is no longer available—the self-titled five tracks were available through the band’s now defunct Bandcamp, taken down for a clean start, I assume. “Hit, Run” comes with the announcement of “a follow-up EP expected in Spring of 2017”, a time that is both hopelessly distant and excitingly near.

If you’re a fan of Chvrches or, more obscurely, Cornelia, you’ve come to the right place. The dreamy background synth allows Bowe’s unique voice to soar supported, and the lyrics are trippingly transient in a way I hope remains a staple of Photocomfort music. “I remember you told me there’d be days like this, but what about years?” Bowe asks as rotating synth and soulful chord progressions gently carry her through the song.

Check out the official lyric video in all its How It’s Made rubber-gloved glory below.

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