By Bethany Schreiner  

Getting asked what my top 5 favorite bands are is a hard question to answer on its own, but picking a single album to listen to on repeat is a nightmare. After careful evaluation of the many albums i own and changing my top pick once or twice or eight times i’ve finally come to the conclusion of bringing to my desert island the album Dirty Work by pop-punk band All Time Low. This album was basically the soundtrack to the hardest part, and largest loss of my life.


Now Dirty Work isn’t the band’s favorite, it’s kind of the underdog album. After releasing Nothing Personal and having huge success with that album they decided to try and expand themselves as band and signed with a more “popular” record label. After signing with Interscope Records everything kind of fell apart and the album didn’t have that classic All Time Low vibe. Although many think it’s a failure there are a lot of hits off the album that they still incorporate into their live set, from “Forget About It” and “Heros” to fan favorites like “Time Bomb” and “Guts”. The lead vocalist Alex Gaskarth even says “Guts” is probably the best song they’ve written as a band.
Now as this album has its up and downs and the band wishes they could have a redo on it, it’s got to be one of my favorite albums by them. The tracks have more of a “party” vibe throughout the album with fast, up-beat songs like “I feel like Dancin” but also includes some slower more intimate ones like “My Only One”. So having it on repeat could be tiresome because you can only dance on an island by yourself for so long, but it’s one of those albums that comes into your life at a weird time when things are either going all right or all wrong. You connect that period of your life alongside the album and when you hear it it just reminds you of what was good, or what you’ve had to overcome. Dirty Work came out in June of 2011 and since i wasn’t too music savvy back then it didn’t come to my attention until October of that year around the same time my mom was in the hospital. The many hours in waiting rooms was spent listening to this album, certain lyrics like “walking on a tightrope to hold onto you” and “there’s a piece of me that tells me a shouldn’t leave // she has no idea that i’m even here” reminds me of white corridors and time spent beside a hospital bed. And if it can get me through all that it can help me get through being stranded on this dang island

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Hello! I am a photographer based out of minneapolis, I made this website to share my experiences in my local D.I.Y scene and what i can capture at shows. I have a lot of work from shows and bands but i do enjoy all sorts of photography styles! Exploring with photography is super fun and I'm glad to be able to share it!

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