by EJ Coleman

Lorde’s Pure Heroine is one of the few albums I like in its entirety, which is why I would choose the extended version, of course, as my one album for my island isolation. Perhaps it’s because of when I first heard it and who I was at the time (an impressionable young sophomore beginning their immersion in the indie scene), but this album is every cliché of understanding and felt like home from the first listen. The songs, no matter how specific, all have an undercurrent of a deep feeling of not being alone, which comes in helpful enough in everyday life, not to mention life stranded on an island.

It’s rare enough that an album exists where I wouldn’t skip at least a handful of songs automatically, at least for me, but Pure Heroine has the added benefit of having memories and emotions tied to each and every lyric. Everything from “that slow burn waits while it gets dark” and “the other day I forgot my old address” to even “you buy me orange juice” has a feeling I can’t describe but recognize regardless. Laughing until our ribs get tough is lying on the floor in my room on the phone with my best friend at midnight, and everything glowing for the love club is a telephone wire with a pair of sneakers hanging on it that the bus drives under every weekend.

If I was going to be stuck on an island for an indeterminate amount of time, possibly alone if this is a Castaway type situation, I would want these songs and feelings with me, so when the watery horizon gets to be too endless, I will have those memories to get me through.

About Keaton Coleman (12 Articles)
Keaton has spent their 21 years on this earth mainly trying to convince people they're a writer, and now that people are starting to accept that, they don't really know what to do. Twitter: @milddiscourage

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