LIVE IN MPLS | Goodnight Gorillas Album Release Show


by Bethany Schreiner

On Friday, September 16, local indie/rock band Goodnight Gorillas set to the stage at The Whole Music Club to release their most recent album, Melt Velvet Dreams. Accompanying them were other local bands Pierre and Denim Matriarch.

Kicking off the night was Pierre, a three piece punk/grunge band from the Minneapolis area. Most times I’ve seen them play it’s been in a sweaty basement, so seeing them on a stage was a change of pace. I had to fight the urge to push someone, once their song “Birdhouse” kicked in. The crowd was quiet as it was filled with unfamiliar faces, but that didn’t stop the band from playing with high energy as always.

Next up was Denim Matriarch, a local band consisting of four members, playing some progressive rock tunes. This was my first time seeing them and I was not disappointed. Their sound was pretty unique, and they weren’t afraid to move around. Half way through their set, the lead vocalist, Nathan Levin, demanded some movement from the crowd, and it was granted. Bystanders were pushed aside as the crowd in front of the stage started pushin’ and shovin’ for the rest of the song. 

Ending the night, the dark room lit up as Goodnight Gorillas came to stage. Starting out soft and slow with their new song “Melt”, lead guitarist/vocalist, Joe Graves and keyboardist, Nick Salmon played alone. As the song picked up the pace, bassist Shun Matsuhashi and drummer Connor Peck joined them, finishing the song and continuing into the next track on the album, “Better”. This was the longest set I’ve seen by Goodnight Gorillas due to them playing the new album in its entirety (excluding the 6th track “null” which is an instrumental). It felt like rollercoaster of energy as some songs were soft and slow, while others picked up into a faster pace and more intricate instrumentals. It was easy to tell when the song was going to get you moving because you can see Joe start to tap his foot, and turned into hopping as the song picked up.

The crowd was mesmerized their entire set. Many were more involved than others, but everyone seemed to be moving during the song “Break”. Two people even crossed over the stage to be in the middle of the pit. They played their final song, bringing the night to a close, and leaving everyone with a smile on their face. This was probably the best show i’ve seen from Goodnight Gorillas, and I’m stoked to see them again.

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