by Jessi 

One of the hardest questions to ask a music lover is “If you were stranded on an island, for an unknown time period, what is the one album you would bring to listen to?” I thought long and hard about this. What is one album that is not repetitive in sound or what album is a pick-me-up and a hit-in-the-feels at the same time? I listed to all of my favorite albums until I finally settled on one. Common Courtesy by A Day to Remember (ADTR).

I chose Common Courtesy because it is an album that I never get tired of. It is a mix of sounds and different styles of punk, rock and metal. This album includes a song called “I Remember”, and it includes a 5 minute speaking session at the end where the members of ADTR talk about their favorite memories from tours and festivals. Something about this part of the song is so calming to me. On the album there is also a song called “I Surrender” which has a great pop punk vibe and is very slow beat and I could listen to it on repeat for hours.

Moving on from slow songs with rants at the end of them–the heavier stuff. I wouldn’t consider ADTR to be necessarily “heavy” on this album but there are definitely some memorable breakdowns that I adore. The song “Sometimes You’re the Hammer, Sometimes You’re the Nail” gets me so pumped. “Dead & Buried” off of this album also has some amazing heavier instrumental that can absorb all my frustration on this said island. But this album also has some bops. “Right Back at It Again” is something I would definitely be dancing to while I sipped on my coconut and sat on my sand couch.

Though Common Courtesy is only 13 tracks long, it is an album I simply can’t get sick of. I love every song beginning to end. I find most of the songs relatable and I think that is what makes albums special. This album released in 2013 is by far my favorite album that ADTR has put out. It tells a story, that I love with my whole heart.

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