LIVE AT THE GARAGE | 8/21: The Color Morale, Nanashi, Roads of Glass, more!


photos by Hana Simons

review by Cassie Singer

One of the best parts of the music scene is the strong sense of community. On August 21st, people from many different backgrounds all joined together as one to support the To the Bridge Foundation in an effort to help those recovering from addiction. The Color Morale were excited to be part of this incredible event, as it was their album release show for their new CD, Desolate Divine.

To start the night off, Near An Open Flame came on stage full of energy. The crowd started to move as the band’s hard, driving music filled the venue. Up next was one of the local scene’s favorites, Zealot. Lead singer, Micah Martin, came on stage wearing a black ski mask, causing the crowd’s cheers to grow even louder as the band started to play. With the hit of the first note, the crowd was already going crazy as they moshed and jumped on top of each other in an effort to scream their favorite lyrics into Martin’s microphone. Following Zealot was Roads Of Glass, another local band from Minneapolis. The band was quick to impress as they started off their set with duo-screaming and captivating showmanship as they banged their heads and spun around to the heavy breakdowns and riffs. Their energy radiated into the audience as listeners joined in headbanging and moving around. Towards the end of the set, the lead singer took a moment to tell the crowd about his own experience with losing loved ones to addiction and suicide and dedicated their last song to those friends he had lost. Next in line was Nanashi, whose driving riffs and melodies flowed into the sea of listeners’ collective headbanging. During one of the band’s songs, a guitar string broke which caused a short break in their set, but lead singer David Thompson kept the audience entertained with jokes like “What did one lawyer say to the other? ‘We’re both lawyers.’”

Following Nanashi and their comedy show, the founder of the To The Bridge Foundation spoke about the organization and its goals and shared a presentation to reflect on the reason we had all joined together in the first place: to help support those dealing with addiction. After a moment of silence for all of those we had lost to addiction, The Color Morale prepared to play one of their favorite music venues, which they love because of the sense of community that fills it. Since this was also their album release show, The Color Morale played multiple songs off of their new CD, Desolate Divine, which was released via Apple Music on August 18 and came to stores on August 19. The band created a good mix of music by also playing songs from earlier releases, such as “Prey for Me” and “Suicide Stigma,” both from the album Hold On Pain Ends. The crowd went crazy throughout the entire set as they sang along into the microphone and moshed during every song. After The Color Morale claimed their set was over, the crowd convinced them to play one last song, “Demon Teeth.” The crowd swarmed into a circle pit as the drums and guitars went crazy and Garret Rapp screamed his heart out.

This concert was a perfect example of how the all-ages music scene can come together as a community and enjoy something they all love while also supporting a great cause.

Photos from Sunday’s benefit for To the Bridge Foundation that featured The Color MoraleNanashiRoads Of GlassZealot, and Near An Open Flame!

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