REVIEW | Villain of the Story — “Dragon Sickness”

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by Jessi

On August 1 of 2016, Minnesota local band, Villain of the Story (VOTS) released their first single, “Dragon Sickness,” off their upcoming debut album, with a fan participant music video.

The music video itself shows the true essence of a Villain of the Story show. It was shot at, THE GARAGE, a venue the guys have played numerous times here in Minnesota. It feels very personable to local fans and gives an idea of what their shows are like to fans in other states and countries.

Here are my favorite things about the video:

  • They used stage divers in the video, something about it makes it so intense.
  • In the beginning it shows the five guys (Christian, Logan, Michael, Nick and Sean) doing their pre-show ritual. They all put their hands in the middle and as a group send themselves off into show time.
  • The slow motion footage of the crowd jumping is so intriguing for some reason.
  • The last part of the video when the song cuts and the band’s big “V” logo flashes up on the screen. It gets me so pumped! Even though that means the video is over…

Now, I had so many questions after listening to this song and watching the video so, I reached out to the guys in Villain of the Story via email, with five questions for them to answer.

Here is what they told me:

Garage Music News: Where did the name dragon sickness come from?

Villain of the Story: In the movie The Hobbit there’s like a “curse” / mental state thing called “dragon sickness” where the person gets self absorbed over riches and pursuing one’s own needs selfishly. The lyrics reflect that in a pretty straight forward fashion [laughs], plus Logan just really wanted to name it that after the reference to the movie in the chorus.


GMN: Why did you decide to have “Dragon Sickness” be the big first single released off the album?

VOTS: It’s actually the first song we wrote for it [laughs], we wrote it back when we were originally going to do another five song EP with “Break the Chains” included, but decided to hold onto it for an album. By the time it came down to choosing a first song it kind of seemed like the best choice to everyone due to it basically capitalizing the sound on The Prologue and mixing all the elements together into one song. To us it really held the style we’ve been, but incorporated a stronger sense of writing. Overall we believe the album to be a major step up in quality and direction, we’re really excited.


GMN: How did the fan participant shoot for the music video go?

VOTS: It was awesome! We’ve never done something like that before so we were really nervous about having eight people show up hahah. Luckily we have some pretty rad friends that support the band and they all came out to make it a success! Was a little weird “performing” the same song multiple times when everyone else had to just go crazy to the same thing every five minutes haha, but it was a really cool fun experience.


GMN: What is your favorite lyric from the song?

VOTS: All the sinners stopped sinning so they won’t have to see your face in hell” and “It might seem like you’re living the dream but to everyone else you’re a f**king nightmare” are probably the coolest one’s [laughs] , Logan killed it with lyrics on this record.


GMN: On a scale of one to ten, how excited are you to release the rest of the album?

VOTS: Can’t even rate how excited we are [laughs], this has been one hell of a process but we’re stoked to have the first song out and we’re ready to start this next chapter in life. Definitely excited to put out more music!


I have to say, I was quite impressed with the depth of some of their answers. I actually had no idea the guys were thinking about releasing another five song EP. I also agree with the fact that they believe “Dragon Sickness” is a big mix of their last EP, The Prologue, I can tell it includes a little bit of character from each of those songs for sure.

Is this song relatable though? I definitely think so. Most of us have people in our lives that make us bubble with angst. This song is a shout out to those people that frustrate us with their ignorance and cockiness. Not everyone has these people in their lives, but for those who do, this song EASILY associates with that.

Villain of the Story really killed it on this single. They have impressed me with everything they have put out the passed couple years, but this song was a new high. “Dragon Sickness” is the start of a brand new era for VOTS, and really sets the mood for the upcoming album. This metalcore band is definitely going big places in the future.


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