The Best of GMN 2015-2016

Best of GMN

by Staff

The below articles and galleries represent (some of) the best GMN had from July 2015-July 2016, its first year as a youth-run music magazine. It was a year that saw nearly 160 posts that featured photos from venues such as THE GARAGE, Myth, and Fallout, as well as essays about condescension and exclusion, album reviews that did so much more than just talk about the music, and playlists that captured everything just right. So here it is, The Best of GMN 2015-2016.

Gotta Go: The “Indie Boy Complex”

by Sararosa Davies

It was September, only a couple weeks into my first year of high school when I first experienced the obnoxious phenomenon I like to call “The Indie Boy Complex.” In an attempt to make friends, I had worn my favorite band t-shirt from a musician named Jeremy Messersmith. It was black and had a simple drawing of a robot on it. Underneath the drawing it said, The Silver City, the title of my favorite album of all time. I didn’t feel so alone when this boy, a sophomore in my Biology class, said I had a nice shirt. I thought I was going to make a friend who had the same taste as me. Before I even had the chance to speak though, he replied, “Do you even know what The Silver City is?” I said “Yes, a great album.” The boy then said that he hoped I didn’t wear it just to impress him or to get him to go out with me. I was naive so I didn’t quite see what he was implying so my words just fumbled at the tip of my tongue.

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REVIEW | Hippo Campus — South

by Lizzie Savage

There’s a universal sense of anticipation each time a band releases a sophomore album, because of the possibility that they used up all their good ideas in their debut. Thankfully for St. Paul-based band Hippo Campus, this is not the case.

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REVIEW | John the Ghost — Sincerely, John the Ghost

by Jordan Narloch

John O’Callaghan of The Maine has done many things. He’s written countless songs, helped start a record label, and even helped bring a free tour to the band’s fans. On his newest effort, O’Callaghan decides to be even more genuine with us under the pseudonym, John the Ghost.Sincerely, John the Ghost, offers six songs and a 90-page book, and although I haven’t had a chance to read the book, the collection is an apparent glance into the singer’s life. He nurtures this notion by titling the album with the common sign off of a letter, one of the more personal forms of communication.

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REVIEW | Life of Pablo by Kanye West — the Nine Minute Free Trial

by EJ Coleman




  1. excessive, self-aware, fake deep to the point of possible real deep.

“that would be so kanye”

Transcendent, confusing, and superfluous, it can only be Kanye. With his seventh studio album, The Life of Pablo, Kanye West teaches us that there’s no limits to just how Kanye he can be.

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Out of Luck: Seeing Shows When You’re Under 21

by Maddy Siiter

In a small local music scene like Duluth, everyone supports everyone. If someone comes out to see your show on a Friday night, you go out to see theirs the next Friday night. It’s not a hard concept to follow. You hear about the show, meet up with your friends, show the bouncer your ID, maybe order a drink and wait for the music to start. Fun, right? Yeah, if you’re of legal drinking age. It really sucks if you’re only 16.

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OUR FAVORITE SHOWS | Frnkiero and the Cellabration

by Sarah Bel Kloetzke

Since age thirteen, I’ve been to almost 50 concerts of different genres in different places. I’ve had a great experience at almost every single show I’ve attended, and these experiences have contributed to the sum of live music stealing my heart for the long run. There’s still a few shows that stand out from the crowd to me, though.

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Deaf Musicians, Let’s Discuss

by Ryan Johnson

“Deaf” and “music” are two words that are rarely seen in the same sentence. “Deaf musician” is something seen even less often. Of course, we all know the story of Beethoven going Deaf and continuing composing, but did you know some of his music may be as memorable as it is because he was Deaf? The way he felt the vibrations of his piano was different than how he heard them, leading him to compose innovative and everlasting music because of, not in spite of, his Deafness.

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REVIEW | Darkness Divided — Self-titled

by Cassie Singer

With spring progressing, a lot of bands are releasing amazing new music. However, one new release that seems to stand out above the rest is Darkness Divided’s new self-titled album, released on April 22 on Victory Records.

At first I thought it might be difficult to follow their 2014 album Written in Blood, but this is their best record yet. Along with the band’s new album came some minor lineup changes, such as their new drummer, Hayden Allen, whose hard-driving beats will leave you craving more.

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