OUR FAVORITE SHOWS | Against the Current


by Taylor Hager

Being the concert junkie I am, it’s hard to pick my favorite, because every new show I go to is my new favorite.

The one concert though that has stuck out is my third Against the Current show on their Gravity World Tour. I bought the VIP package where they performed three acoustic songs and then I got a picture with the whole band.

Against the Current was a very heart-warming and friendly band when I met them. They welcomed me in with open arms. From seeing them two times before the vibe was almost nostalgic. It felt like it was the first time meeting them again.

Their opening acts were Jule Vera and Vinyl Theatre. The openers definitely set the show off right and made the audience excited for Against the Current. Once the lights went down, everyone knew what was happening…as Against the Current walked on stage the crowd’s screams were deafening.

They started off the show with “Talk” from their Gravity EP. They went through most of their songs from their Gravity EP and their Infinity EP with some new singles they had not released prior to the show. Their song “Outsiders” was one of my favorite songs they played. To the point where I was crying.

“Outsiders” is a song about people who do not fit into the “perfect” stereotypes. I can relate to this song–it’s basically the soundtrack of my life. Chrissy (the lead singer) likes to interact with the crowd and during their song “Fireproof” Chrissy knelt down in front of me and held my hand. We had a moment and it was great.

Overall this concert was my favorite because of how personal it was and seeing them another time just made it better. It’s always great to see how they continue to step up the ladder towards fame.

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