GREATEST HITS | Jeremy Messersmith


photo by Greg Dixon

by Sararosa Davies

Jeremy Messersmith, according to your local Mesh Mesh connoisseur (me), could make music into eternity and never stop. Yet, I would still want more. There is never enough Jeremy Messersmith in this world, but what is here is some beautiful stuff. The Alcatraz Kid, The Silver City, The Reluctant Graveyard and Heart Murmurs are albums that each deserve their own mini greatest hits EPs.

Messersmith writes tightly wound songs that unravel into heart wrenching albums filled with gentle guitar riffs and blue vocals. His lyrics–whether Minneapolis themed or about an older couple checking into a motel–detail life and love with grace, humour, and a sense of wit about the world. He is a master of the perfect love song and his most recent release Heart Murmurs is full of them. Messersmith’s music has gotten progressively bigger in its sound and his trajectory as an artist has mirrored that growth. He signed to Glassnote Records where he released Heart Murmurs and played Letterman, all in the last three years. Is it bad luck to make a greatest hits album for an artist who is still making music? Probably. Do I care?  A lot actually. Would I like Jeremy Messersmith to make music into eternity? Abso-freaking-lutely.

It was hard to choose just these songs, but they are the ones that mean the most. The best thing about Jeremy Messersmith is that his music makes you feel heartbreak in the best way possible.

So, go on. Listen and cry. The Mesh Mesh has got your back.


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