REVIEW | Darkness Divided – SELF-TITLED


by Cassie Singer

With spring progressing, a lot of bands are releasing amazing new music. However, one new release that seems to stand out above the rest is Darkness Divided’s new self-titled album, released on April 22 on Victory Records.

At first I thought it might be difficult to follow their 2014 album Written in Blood, but this is their best record yet. Along with the band’s new album came some minor lineup changes, such as their new drummer, Hayden Allen, whose hard-driving beats will leave you craving more.

Through a lot of hard work and dedication, Darkness Divided has contrived the perfect mixture of melodic and hardcore metal, while also adding their own twist to it. In conjunction with Gerard Mora’s intense and dynamic lead vocals, Joseph Mora’s earthquake-inducing basslines, and Sebastian Elizondo’s savory guitar solos, Darkness Divided has created an intense form of metal incorporating intricate melodies, riffs and rhythms.

While listening to Darkness Divided, in songs such as “A Life That Binds,” you may hear an intricate and captivating guitar melody that seems to carry you away with the music, but then a song like “Deceiver” or “Back Breaker” will come on and you’ll find yourself moshing alone in the middle of your room, unable to contain the song’s powerful and aggressive vocals combined with an energizing drum cadence and booming bassline.

This album not only contains exceptional musical talent and musicianship with its complex drum fills, vocal melodies, bass lines and guitar solos. Darkness Divided tells a story about the process we go through when the beliefs we had developed in childhood transform through three stages as we age: innocence, contradiction and reaffirmation. You can hear Gerard discuss this resonating message in a series of three track-by-track explanation videos (“Innocence,” “Contradiction,” and “Reaffirmation”).

All in all, Darkness Divided’s self-titled CD is one of the best albums I have heard in a very long time. It perfectly captures Darkness Divided’s intriguing musical style, as well as the significant and uplifting message their music carries.


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