PLAYLIST | Exhale, It Ends


photo by Mike Robinson

by Sararosa Davies

I graduate high school in one month and am leaving town for college in six. Before I know it, I will be 3,000 miles away and in the Northwest where it rains, rains, and rains. I feel like exhaling out all the tensions and celebrations that high school has brought into my life. I am preparing myself to go by surrounding myself with a cushion of playlists, concerts, and albums. Music is one of those things that makes ending high school more than just bittersweet, it makes it final.

The artists I have loved throughout these four tumultuous years may change and sooner or later they likely will be only items of nostalgia. I am reminded of the way my aunt felt when David Bowie (and now Prince) passed away. They were her idols in high school and when they died so close together, memories of her time as a teenager flooded her. When I am older and my favorite artists go, I wonder what I will think about. Will it be the time my friends and I scream-sang Taylor Swift on Boston Common this summer? Or will I think of running near the Mississippi River, feeling both lonely and so full at the same time, blasting “The Silver City” by Jeremy Messersmith?

I know where I want to go with my life, but sometimes that doesn’t matter. Like music, life takes you in and spins you around a couple times until it end. Songs end and artists pass away. I still think this year is an elaborate joke with how many great, iconic artists have gone. I don’t know if I want high school to be final or not, but it is and I have to take that realization as it hits me. Hopefully, I’ll look back at my experiences and remember the music that accompanied them with all the nostalgia I can muster. The upcoming playlist ends, but I really don’t want it to. I am already nostalgic for high school and I still have 23 days left.



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