GREATEST HITS | Motion City Soundtrack


by Jordan Narloch

On March 11, Motion City Soundtrack announced they were calling it quits after one last tour. It only seems fitting to compile Motion City Soundtrack’s greatest hits for our latest series. Rather than going strictly on popularity, I chose songs that I felt captured the idea of the band.

Songs that held clever lyrics, expanding your vocabulary and making you emotional as you dared to sing along with Justin Pierre’s unique melodies. Songs that grappled you with trademark Jesse Johnson Moog synthesizer hooks or that caught your ear with interweaving guitar parts courtesy of Josh Cain. Songs backed by irregular drumbeats, forcing you to pay attention to Tony Thaxton (Claudio Rivera on Panic Stations). Songs where Matthew Taylor’s voice accentuated Pierre’s to perfection, while he simultaneously delivered memorable bass lines.

The band’s musical skill and impact on me is too great to capture in a short introduction. I only hope you can enjoy this playlist and begin to see the greatness that is Motion City Soundtrack.

  1. “The Future Freaks Me Out”
  2. “My Favorite Accident”
  3. “Everything Is Alright”
  4. “When You’re Around”
  5. “Lg Fuad”
  6. “Fell In Love Without You”
  7. “Broken Heart”
  8. “Even If It Kills Me”
  9. “Her Words Destroyed My Planet”
  10. “Stand Too Close”
  11. “Timelines”
  12. “The Coma Kid”
  13. “Anything At All”
  14. “I Can Feel You


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