PLAYLIST | Being Seventeen

Being Seventeen

by Maddy Siiter

March was a weird month for me. For the first time, I felt like I really understood the deeper meaning behind “being seventeen.” I opened for one of my favorite bands, panicked-about-but-survived the ACT test, fell into some hurt feelings, picked myself up, poured everything out into songwriting, and ended the countdown to spring break, all while listening to a lot of different music.

I’m learning why everyone older than seventeen always seems to sigh both out of nostalgia and empathy when I mention that number in relation to how long I’ve been alive.

This may be coming from a place of naivety, given that I’ve only been seventeen four months, but I’m getting it. I understand the exhilarating newness of it all, the open freeways and giddy midnight conversations, just the bare beginnings of real life, but I also get the parts that suck, like the basic concept of high school and the gradual yet inevitable occurrence of everyone figuring themselves out. All the sudden it feels like friendships don’t align the way they used to and relationships aren’t working out the way you thought they would.  

This playlist is kind of a poppy, punk, sad mess, but youth is mess and yet there’s still something endearing and captivating about it. It’s why people keep writing about it and everyone keeps living through it. Some of the songs are written it seems exactly from and for these confusing times and others I just happened attach to over the last few weeks. Here are the songs that got me through my hyper-teenage month of March.

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