REVIEW | Art of Dying’s “Rise Up”

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by Genna Skouge

When listening to newly released music from an artist or band you have grown so fond of, you never know what to expect until you give the album a full play through. From someone who listens to Art of Dying religiously their newly released album, Rise Up, is very different from the first album–different in a very good way. Their sound has not only matured, but Jonny’s vocals are even more raw.

The lyrics of title track “Rise Up” will hit you right in the feels. Jonny sings and yells above jagged riffs, about the haters and hard times that are dragging him down, that they won’t touch him without a fight. With lyrics like “Rise up, take my life back. Rise up, ‘cause I know where I wanna be. I’m done being victimized, sick of being paralyzed. Rise up, cut away the past, take my life back.” Powerful lyrics that focus on never giving up no matter how hard life gets.

The fifth track on the album, “Dead Man Walking,” is about being noticed and wanted in society. Lyrics about loneliness include “Why the hell am I still here? Feels like I could disappear, and if I did would anybody notice?” Millions can relate to this song about not feeling like they belong in society. To find a place where one’s self belongs might be the toughest journey of all.

Seventh track on the album and my personal favorite is called “Everything.” A slower, beautiful, yet a heart wrenching song. The song is written about someone help near and dear to the heart.

“I won’t give up until this feeling is over. I’ve had enough of drinking myself sober. I really want to let you know, I never want to let you go. This love is keeping me alive. When push comes to shove, will we survive. Is there enough when you look into my eyes. All I want is everything.”

Another one of those songs that so many can relate to. When all you want is everything with that one person who holds your heart in their hand. I can only imagine the heartbreak that this song has sung about.

Art of Dying did a great job on Rise Up telling stories through their lyrics. This album is spectacular piece of art that individuals who enjoy harder rock would thoroughly enjoy. I’m going to give this album a 10/10 because I was blown away by each song. Even though the wait for new music was treacherous, it was well worth it.

Track List:

  • Best Won’t Do
  • Rise UP
  • Tear Down The Wall
  • Eat You Alive
  • Dead Man Walking
  • Some Things Never Change
  • Everything
  • Space
  • Raging
  • Just For Me
  • One Day At A Time
  • Moth To Flame
  • Ubuntu

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