Garage Music News Writer Now Also at Sirius XM


by GMN Staff

Big shout out from all of us at Garage Music News to our Managing Editor Sararosa Davies who just landed a second gig at Sirius XM! She’ll be writing for their website, reviewing albums that were big from her parents’ generation. It’s a huge opportunity!

Sararosa will still be our fearless leader until she graduates this spring, so for now you can keep reading her on as well as at Sirius XM.

We’ve included part of her first piece below. Read the rest here.

I plugged in my headphones, pressed play and started running, but I didn’t hear anything. I checked my phone and that black cover with those rainbow streaks stared back at me. There I was, jogging along a river bike path on a low hanging cloudy day, waiting for Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon to wash over me. Thirty seconds passed and a sound that I thought was my own heartbeat got louder until there were screams coming through both ears. All of a sudden the low, smoldering guitar of Breathe (In the Air) came through my headphones like wind, pushing me to run faster. Rarely do albums make me take action like Pink Floyd’s iconic release did for me this weekend. Rarely do albums fill with me a fire that makes me want to go faster.

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