Why Do Bands Break Up?


by Genna Skouge

To some people music is sacred. It’s personal. They fall in love with the music they constantly listen to and see live for a reason. Whether they like the lyrics, the style of music, the people in the band or even their stage presence. When listening to music and falling in love with an artist’s live performance, you never consider what it would feel like if they broke up and stopped creating music.

Minnesota is filled with amazing bands that know how to perform and put on a spectacular show. Minnesota is also filled with bands that have broken up for reasons unclear. I have witnessed at least 10 local bands break up in the past two years, which is a lot, especially since they were bands making something of themselves. In fact, some of them were very well known and loved by people from all over the United States. Some were even know in other countries.

Why do bands in Minnesota break up? Is it because Minnesota isn’t as supportive of local acts as we should be? Is it because the bands lost faith in themselves? Could it be that the individuals of the bands saw their dreams developing into something different? Is it because our local music scene is just simply shrinking in size? Or is it personal?

The Picture Perfect was founded in 2011 and became one of the most loved bands in the local pop scene. They treated their fans with the utmost respect and always put on a spectacular performance. The band called it quits in 2014 because they started to butt heads on the music. They all started to have personal differences. A couple of the members have continued music in other ways, the rest have pursued other things.

The Role Call was founded in 2012 and they also became very well known in the local pop scene. The Role Call went on a 20 day tour in the summer of 2013. They broke up in 2014 because over half of the band decided to move to different states to build careers-Steve and Max are both in Los Angeles, California and Joey is building a career in Tennessee. Both Joe and Kristoff decided to stay in their home state.

We Are The Blog! was founded in 2009. A post-core metal band that was known in other countries as well. The band broke up in fall of 2015 because half of the members decided to start another band named Empty My Lungs, one of the members joined a different band and another member just decided music wasn’t necessarily his go to career. They also struggled with some personal differences. We Are The Blog! Was one of the most well known metal bands in Minnesota.

As you can see there are many reasons as to why a band breaks up. I believe it’s time for the scene to come together as one and constantly support each other’s dreams. Who knows what the local music scene will look like six months from now. We are a family and we should definitely stay that way. Minnesota has a solid scene that should probably take over the world. Really though. That’s how awesome our scene is.

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