LIVE IN MPLS | 1/30: Whosah at the Fallout


by Sarah Bel

On January 30, local indie-pop band Whosah, along with “ambient grunge pop” act Clementine, opened for their fellow Minnesota natives Boy On A Bike in an intimate show at the Fallout Urban Arts Center in Minneapolis. With a small basement-feel room the atmosphere was friendly, with my fellow lively attendees chatting together like it was a family reunion.

As the boys of Whosah took to the stage, the crowd gravitated towards the platform in anticipation. Vocalist Spencer Grimes prepared for the set by taking off his shoes, while staying in his bright red jacket and winter hat. They opened with their latest single, “Ghost Town”–a groovy tune with a light, airy melody that reminds me of the summertime. Eventually, their avid fans were singing along, and it was all smiles from the performers and the crowd.

Whosah definitely aren’t a shy band. Their energy is my favorite thing about them. It was like watching a fireworks show–they danced through the entire set. Part of the reason why live music is such an experience is due to the visuals as well as the sound quality. This band was able to provide both, without sacrificing one element for the other.

Whosah truly made it a fun experience for everyone. You can tell that they care about those who listen to their music. The different members made eye contact with individual in the crowd, bringing an even more intimate vibe to the already small show. The third song of their set was a charming cover of “My Girl” by The Temptations. Grimes explained that he usually played the song for his mother, but that night, it was dedicated a girl in the crowd who’s birthday was that day. The cover was extremely well done and the crowd sang along to the tastefully cheesy tune.

Atmospherically, Whosah were too big for the small stage they were confined to. Even though I believe they’re quality enough to headline show after show, they’re a perfect opening act. It was almost as if through their performance the spectators absorbed six cups of coffee each. The sparse moments of silence weren’t just empty space, but moments of tension, like the room was hanging on to the band’s every move, and the band knew it.

They ended their set with a song off of their It’s Not Just Me In Here EP: a catchy tune by the name of “Better Than Us.” It was as if joy pulsed from the stage and throughout the room–along with plenty of sweat, of course. I had just recovered from being ill and I didn’t feel my best that night, but while the band was onstage, I forgot about it all. I definitely recommend going out to a Whosah show in the future. Their upbeat music and generally positive, welcoming vibes will make it an experience you won’t regret.

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