When Bands Don’t Come To Minnesota, A Rant


by Sara Dollens

Over the past few months, numerous bands have announced upcoming spring and summer tours. You think this would be an exciting time for concertgoers. Seeing who’s going on tour with whom, and when they’re coming to your local city. That’s all fine and dandy, until they announce a tour and neglect to include Minnesota.

Here are some awesome upcoming tours that I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase a ticket for if they actually came to Minnesota.

  • The Story So Far w/ Comeback Kid and Culture Abuse
  • Panic! At The Disco and Weezer summer tour w/ special guests
  • Tonight Alive spring tour w/ special guests
  • Issues w/ Crown The Empire & special guests
  • Brand New and Modest Mouse summer tour w/ special guests
  • State Champs & Neck Deep World Tour w/ special guests

Last summer, I saw Brand New when they made a stop in Minnesota on their summer tour. The show was incredible and the turn out was ridiculous. When I found out they were going on a summer tour again and with Modest Mouse, I was shocked they weren’t making a stop here. With such a successful turn out last time in Minnesota, why wouldn’t they come back?

I was also quite surprised that State Champs and Neck Deep weren’t making a stop here on their world tour. I mean really? It’s a WORLD TOUR. Just make a stop in Minnesota. Is that really too much to ask for?

Normally I would say bands don’t want to come here because its ungodly cold out during the winter. But most of these tours are taking place during the summer, so there goes that excuse.

Maybe people are sick of the whole “Minnesota Nice” thing? I mean, I know I sure am.

Or maybe they can never tell if they’re in St. Paul or Minneapolis and quite frankly, are getting sick of it. I’m running out of possible ideas here…

All I’m asking is if someone could explain to me why none of these tours are coming to Minnesota. Don’t try to make excuses like you “couldn’t book a venue” or “it just didn’t work out.” Well, why didn’t it work out? Please enlighten me because I’m completely lost.

Long rant short, I’m very disappointed that I won’t be seeing any of these tours this year. I guess the lack of my favorite bands coming to Minnesota is all the more reason why I need to leave this state, or just drive 6 hours to Chicago to see a show. Because god knows you can’t go on tour (OR WORLD TOUR) and not go to Chicago…

If you’re upset that your favorite bands are going on tour and not coming to a city near you, I feel your pain, especially if you live in North Dakota. In that case, I shouldn’t even be complaining. Do they even have music venues there?







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