REVIEW | Daughter – “Not To Disappear”


by Jordan Narloch

Daughter has always been known for their depressed, melodic indie-rock and Not To Disappear continues down the same dark path. Fans of their past work will be eager to find that the band has not changed too much since we last heard from them in 2013 with their debut LP, If You Leave. Their songs are more melancholy on this record than before and create a familiar atmosphere heard in much of their work. In fact, Not To Disappear takes on the sort of vibe that The XX lay claim, as many of the songs on are slower, the electronic effects are more prevalent, and the tracks are layered with more voices and delayed guitar tones. One of the standouts, “To Belong” does this particularly well as it begins with a synthetic drumbeat and echoing guitars. Singer, Elena Tonra’s hangs over the track in an ominously distant echo, “Don’t you think you’ll be better off without me tied around your neck? It’s like the way your body pulls me underneath where I can’t breathe. I’m tired of talking, I’ve been screaming all day.” There is nothing remotely happy about it or much of the record but it feels so soothing that it makes you want to bathe in the ambiance.

However, sometimes that atmosphere appears to be the main focus and the lyrics can noticeably slip in quality. “I hate walking alone. I should get a dog or something. I hate eating alone,” Tonra sings on “Alone/With You.” But for the most part, the band completes the album’s spacey, depressed tone with thoughtful lyrics like those in “Fossa,” that can speak to anyone who just can’t quite seem to get out of a rut.

I said too much, said the wrong thing

Remembering the image I was trying to project to you

Cast an illusion, think I’m losing my head

Sometimes I feel

Be what you want, I can be what you want

All-in-all, the English band’s newest effort is something to be excited about if you are looking for something to help your post break-up blues or some solid study tunes to cast you into another gloomy world entirely. Be sure to catch them if you can at their upcoming First Ave show on March 12!

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