The Current Goes North


by Maddy Siiter

You know that whenever The Current has a countdown clock on their website for something, it’s probably a big deal.

Starting February 1st at 9:09am, MPR’s The Current – a favorite music station for the best alternative, local music in Minnesota, goes live in Duluth as 90.9 FM.

The station will broadcast live from Twin Cities, but is also set to air a weekly show by a yet to be hired Duluth radio personality, showcasing music specifically from the Duluth area.

Not only is this great news for long-time but long distance fans of The Current, but for the Duluth music community as a whole. While The Current started featuring Duluth-based favorites like Trampled by Turtles and Low when they started 11 years ago, with the addition of 90.9 in the Northland, it looks like airplay will soon become more of an accessible opportunity for up and coming musicians in Duluth.

As a musician in the scene myself, it will be cool to see how the addition of this station could connect more people to the music coming out in their own town. This is definitely going to be something big.


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