Our Predictions for 2016

Predictions '16

by GMN Staff

Punk Reunions

2015 was full of surprises, like Underoath announcing their reunion tour after releasing a video saying that they’d never play together again. If something like this could happen, who’s to say Blink 182 or My Chemical Romance won’t get back together? 2016 will be a year of new beginnings for the punk and alt-rock music scenes. -Cassie


The Sky is Falling

In 2016 more bands members will leave their bands. Bands will change their sound and their fans will complain into the abyss we call the internet. We’ll make a fuss because there aren’t any “good” bands that play Warped Tour. And we’ll say the “scene” is dead when it really isn’t.

Music will always continue to change and grow. And plenty of awesome bands still play Warped. But over the years our tastes change and so does the demand of “fresh” music. Sometimes we forget that. -Hana Simons


A Shark Tale!

2015 was the year of Left Shark, Katy Perry’s blue Super Bowl companion. His dance moves were awkward and his gaping toothy smile was charming. He stole the heart of every football fan in America. But what ever happened to his under appreciated companion, Right Shark?  Right Shark is probably sitting at home on his couch, eating a bag of chips, wondering the same thing. He is also probably planning his comeback. 2016 will be the year of Right Shark, even if I have to make it so. Watch out for him, Coldplay and Kevin Jonas at Super Bowl 50 this year.  Right Shark’s amazing dance moves and creativity will not go unnoticed again. -Sararosa Davies


1D + JoBros = ❤

The day that One Direction announced Zayn was leaving will undoubtedly go down in history as the day the universe fell apart. But contrary to the majority of the population, I’m less concerned about Zayn’s future endeavors than I am about the fate of his former bandmates. Will the group remain a quartet, or are they going to recruit another member in 2016? The possibility is high, so the only question is, who will the new member of One Direction be? So many people would be great: Ezra Koenig, Dan from Bastille, a golden retriever puppy. But the real winner would undoubtedly be Kevin Jonas. Maybe what the 1D lads need is someone with previous boyband experience, and who better to replace bad-boy Zayn than lovable Kevin? By far the most underrated member of the JoBros, Kevin finally deserves his own time to shine, and maybe 2016 will be his year. -Lizzie Savage


Take it to the Cloud

2016 is the year Soundcloud takes over as the most popular music streaming website. How amazing would it be to stream the newest One Direction single on the same site where you could listen to your 12-year-old cousin’s iPhone recorded mixtape? -Maddy Siiter


Hello? It’s me.

On her huge North American summer tour, Adele will bring out various famous music acts to join her and do it better than Taylor Swift. It won’t be every night, in an effort to keep up the usual Adele mystique, but they will be there. Look forward to Alicia Keys, Sam Smith, and Sia randomly gracing stages near you. But still no Frank Ocean album. -EJ Coleman


Too Many Choices

Looking back on music in 2015, I tend to notice how easily the term synthpop is applied to the more popular tunes. With bands like Walk The Moon, Fitz and the Tantrums, BØRNS, and the dream pop act Beach House, some 80s vibes are definitely prevalent. This can obviously only lead to one thing in 2016: Disco Revival. It only makes sense! We just boogie backwards from here. I think we can all collectively look forward to some sick roller rink tracks in the months ahead. Can you dig it?


On January 1st, 2016, Vampire Weekend frontman and resident Twitter King Ezra Koenig typed out a paramount tweet: “2016: vampire weekend & getting jacked (or shredded).” The first half of this tweet is obviously exciting for VW fans with a possible promise of new music, but the latter half leaves questions to be asked. I have my own theory to offer: Vampire Weekend’s much anticipated fourth album is going to be a musical accompaniment to an interactive workout video. Ezra Koenig will help you get “jacked” in the energetic, sweatband-filled instructional in a Richard Simmons-esque manner. Twenty jumping jacks per Cape Cod reference! -Sarah Bel Kloetzke


Let’s Go Back to ’96! (1896)

In recent years, hipsters everywhere have been attempting to return to recorded music’s roots by instigating a vinyl revival. Well in 2016, Arcade Fire will decide to follow up their latest album, Reflektor, and release it exclusively on phonograph cylinders. The technology, first used in 1896, will spread like wildfire due to the indie album’s popularity and become the medium of choice for those trying to get back to the “good ol’ days.” If I were you, I’d swap out that turntable you just got for a new mechanical cylinder phonograph as soon as possible. Think of the endless bragging rights you will have when you are sitting at your desk listening to that first Arcade Fire pressing, sipping your fair-trade coffee, and reading the cylinder’s box sleeve for the for the album notes before any of your friends. – Jordan Narloch


Fraggle Rock

Ben Folds Five releases a new album, finally. The band reformed in 2011 yet their last release was in 2013 and we simply can’t take it anymore. At this point, withdrawals are so bad, we would take a full album that features the Fraggles, echoing their “Do It Anyway” video from 2012. Actually, this album would be encouraged. -Ryan Johnson



In 2016, Pierce The Veil will FINALLY release a new album and that’s all that really matters this year. -Sara Dollens


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