INTERVIEW | • PUBLIC •: What’s next?


by EJ Coleman 

An unsigned band from Cincinnati with only two EPs to their name, • PUBLIC • has already opened for seemingly every act under the indie sun and have the fanbase to propel them even further. As they’re gearing up to headline the Concert Ideas Trendsetter Tour, I got the chance to talk with John, Ben, and Matt about what it’s like being unsigned, their fans, and ducks.

GMN: So, to start, why the name Public, and what’s with the dots?

PUBLIC feels like a big word because it means everyone. We liked that, so we went with it. The dots identify PUBLIC’s family. The meaning of the dots is something special. We plan on talking more about that soon.

GMN: How did you guys meet/become a band?

Ben and John were exploring an uncharted island in the Caribbean, when they stumbled upon a village of only bass-players. They communicated only by playing bass-riffs at each other. We saw promise in a young funk bassist named “Matt” and brought him back with us. Things worked out pretty well, though he misses his family from time-to-time.

GMN: How does being unsigned influence the music you make?

Everything we do is unsigned. From the clothes we wear to the gas we put in our cars, we are undeniably unsigned. So naturally, our music is an unfiltered dose of expression straight from our hearts to yours. We make the music we truly believe in.

GMN: On Twitter, you guys are #yourfavoriteunsignedband. Who would you say is yours?

We have some lovely unsigned friends here in Cincinnati. Jane Decker is fantastic. Automagik is super groovy.

GMN: Despite being unsigned and small, you’ve opened for a lot of big names: Twenty One Pilots, WALK THE MOON, MisterWives. Who has been your favorite to tour with so far? (And you can’t just say all of them.)

WALK THE MOON was our very first tour, and they were just fabulous. Their fans are ridiculously supportive and we are eternally grateful for that opportunity.

GMN: You guys are heading out on the Trendsetter Tour soon, which is based on votes that you seem to have won by a landslide. What’s it like having such a dedicated fanbase?

The Dot Tribe is a super loving bunch. They’ve taken care of us from the beginning, and we can’t thank them enough. Literally they are the greatest.

GMN: What do you think will be different from the other tours you’ve been on?

On this tour, we are the headlining act. It’s a big deal for us and we are so excited to get going.

GMN: Aside from this tour, what’s next for Public?

We have a lot of new material that we can’t wait to share with you. Hopefully that time comes soon, just getting our ducks in a row. Incidentally, we are also raising a small family of ducks in a nearby neighborhood pool. Most days we just sit around the pool and feed them different breads, seeing which ones they like best. Thank you very much.

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