INTERVIEW | Kyle Featherstone of The Millenium


by Genna Skouge

Kyle Featherstone, the pianist and electric guitarist of the Eau Claire, Wisconsin-based band The Millenium, has been in the Midwest scene for years. He started performing music in front of people in 8th grade when he performed at a talent show for his school with his band Cold Fusion (AKA Aibohphobia) that broke sophomore year. After that he started to get more into playing with just an acoustic guitar and the same time got into musical theatre and doing stage shows. That fostered his interest in playing on stage. He didn’t play his next real show until college when he began writing more music for a project which became The Picture Perfect in 2011. When The Picture Perfect ended in 2014, The Millenium was already formed with two, Matt Hasenmueller and Kyle Culver. Kyle Joined the band doing backing vocals, piano, and electric guitar. Since The Millenuim has been together they have toured and Kyle has had more dreams come true than he ever imagined possible.


Q: When did music become a part of your soul?

A: I would say it really hit me after high school when I really got connected with music and experiencing bands and concerts. It connects with you at the right time and place in your life.


Q: When did music start helping you shape your future?

A: As soon as I started writing what would become the first batch of TPP songs and they started to turn out decent I had a thought of “wow maybe this could be something”. From there the idea was incepted and I never looked back.


Q: Did personal friends start changing as the band started to get bigger?

A: Being in a band with friends is hard. They’re business partners while at the same time best friends and brothers. As with most things in life, difficulties will either bring you closer or farther apart. And that definitely happened with me and my friends.


Q: What are your thoughts on all the fan bases you have acquired?

A: Our fans are the best. They’re loyal and compassionate and selfless. They have spoiled me.


Q: I know how important it is to be true to the person you love. What goes through your head when women throw themselves at you?

A: Honestly I don’t have that many women that are all over me. Usually it’s other guys in the band (or they’re just not obvious about it to me). I’ve never been a big ladies guy so I never know how to handle anyone that is way into me haha.


Q: When did you find people who have the same dreams you have?

A: I actually seldom feel like I find people that identically align with my dreams and ideals and mind set. Sometimes they’re similarities like with other musicians that want to be on stage, but we’re never like 100% identical. It’s strange.


Q: What is it like when you and the other members don’t agree on the music you’re creating? 

A: It’s hard. You take it personally. Your musical ideals are your babies. They’re a snapshot of your soul, and when someone doesn’t seem into it it can be emotionally taxing. Writing music with other people takes a lot of patience, cooperation, learning, and sacrifice from all parties involved.


Q: What does the future of The Millenium look like?

A: Lots of writing new songs and hopefully getting back on the road again!

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