LIVE IN MPLS | 12/8: Motley Crue and Alice Cooper


by Genna Skouge

On December 8 Motley Crue and Alice Cooper made their way back to Minneapolis Target Center on the final leg of Motley Crue’s Final Tour. Both touring acts have been performing longer than I have been alive.

Motley Crue is a dirty rock band that has been around the block a few times. Alice Cooper on the other hand is more alternative hard rock. Since both acts have been around for decades, they’ve been to Minneapolis several times.

I have been able to see Motley Crue four times since I was a freshman in high school. Every single time was a completely different experience. This time a friend and I had floor seats in the 26th row. I’m not going to lie, obstruction of view was at its finest. As the venue got more and more packed the anticipation for both performances grew. Everyone was chatting to their neighbor enjoying each other’s company on this bittersweet night–Motley Crue’s last show ever in Minneapolis. Not a single seat was left, which wasn’t surprising. The security guards where in their stances and watching the crowd, making sure no one wreaked havoc on the floor.

7:40: The intro for Alice Cooper started and the crowd got loud for him as he came on stage. He kicked off the night with his song “Black Widow.”  The curtain fell and sparks started to fall from the ceiling. His band was on top of their boxes and then came down to the stage floor to perform something magnificent. The performance was highly theatrical and thrilling. In one song he brought on a giant snake, in another he brought on a giant Frankenstein, and in the most thrilling performed song it looked like he got his head cut off. Everyone in the crowd was on their feet moving to the music. The crowd cheered as loud as the music played after every song he performed. The whole arena was completely engage in the performance, not a single eye losing contact. A bra was flung on to stage and he displayed it ever so proudly. As his performance entered the last song, “School’s Out For Summer,” the crowd went wild and the volume of the voices grew immensely and the movement of the bodies grew as well. Alice Cooper put on a stellar performance with his band that had me completely engulfed and amazed with every song.

8:35: As we wait for Motley Crue to dazzle us with their performance, several people left the floor to get their hands on alcoholic beverages. My friend Mikayla and I stayed at our seats and chatted about the memories of all the final shows Motley Crue has had here. This is our third time seeing Motley Crue and Alice Cooper together on their final tour. There’s just something about the dirty rock band’s performance that we simply cannot get enough of. What’s good about seeing Motley Crue live is the fact that they engage the audience and take time to tell their life story. Their stage presence, the crowd, and the lights make the performance extra special. They all work together hand-in-hand to create the most magnificent live performance one person can experience.

9:00: The crowd starts to trickle back in just in time for Motley Crue to come on stage. The energy grows and so do the hoots and hollers. The band kicked off their set with their song “Girls Girls Girls.” The crowd got so into it that not a single body was still. Devil horns and fists were thrown into the air frequently throughout their set. Each band member played their position perfectly, without any slips or mess-ups. Tommy Lee, their drummer, went on his “rollercoaster” when he did his drum solo. He even flipped upside down a few times while he played. During one of the songs, both Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx came out on their crane like arms they performed on above the floor crowd. They had fire and sparks coming out of every corner of the stage that hit you in the face with warmth. Their performance was spectacular and enthralling. I wish I could relive every moment over and over because I would never get sick of their live performance.

Motley Crue called it quits after 35 years of performing. Their music will live on forever in the hearts and ears of the truest fans. Their music may never quit playing on the radio simply because it is that good. Although it is unfortunate they will never again perform live again, I was fortunate enough to see them perform four times before their retirement. Long live Motley Crue.

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