LOOKING BACK | Knuckle Puck, Seaway, Sorority Noise, and Head North

by Genna Skouge

I’m looking back on October 17 when THE GARAGE hosted Knuckle Puck with various featured artists on the main stage, including Head North, Sorority Noise and Seaway. I remember how much fun I had seeing bands I’ve never seen before. Doesn’t happen often where I go to a show that I know none of the bands.

I remember how much fun I had taking photos from the sound cage and having a bird’s-eye-view. The first act of the night was the one band that I just couldn’t get enough of and wanted to see more of live. Head North’s breathtaking performance coincided with all the feelings in the world. When I was watching them perform, I remember not being able to tone down my smile. The way they worked together on stage and seeing each individual have the time of their life was a highlight of the night. The crowd was tame and talkative throughout their performance, not really into the groove yet. Their musical movement hit me right in the heart with the combination of the melodies and breath-taking lyrics. It felt like hearing old The 1975 mixed with a lot-a-bit of rock in between some kind of The Maine.

The second act of the night, Sorority Noise, picked up my heart’s pace and my adrenaline started pumping. They came in with grins and a pop-punk swag that made me want to be their friend. With the lights flashing and the music jamming, I felt like a kid in my own personal candy store. The crowd had the head bob going on and they swayed with the groovy jams. They were a mellow yet heavy act that got the crowd to do a mini-mosh pit in the center of the floor. Harmonies caught in colorful glow with the motion from both vocalists. Listening to their music along with the sight of their performance was a dreamland.

The third band of the night, Seaway, another pop-punk act that picked up the hearts and movement of the crowd, had us all in higher spirits. I wanted to get to the floor and feel what it felt like from a band that created a movement that just flowed with their style. I love remembering that the third song was the charm that got the crowd really into moving during their set. They all enjoyed moving with Seaway and the beat hit floor-to-ceiling in THE GARAGE. Their clash of both metal and pop-punk, something I have never heard before, has been in my ears frequently since that night. The have one of the best performances I’ve seen.

Knuckle Puck, the headliner of the night and the most anticipated act, instantly got the crowd to move and sing and have the time of their life. They were the heaviest of pop-punk acts and threw the night overboard with the most incredible movement. Their charismatic energy took the spotlight and the mood in the venue brightened the most during their performance. From my view I was able to watch the crowd smash into each other and thrash around to the beat of the music. Their raw emotion of love and hope made the time well spent.

If you haven’t had the chance to view or listen to any of these touring bands, I highly recommend that you do so, as you wouldn’t be disappointed, just like I wasn’t. Pop-punk is a scene to get into because it adds a lot of life. But from the crowd I saw, the night was a riot that could not be tamed.


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